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Swallow (Chrono Cross)

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This article is about the Chrono Cross Weapon. You may be looking for one of Crono's katanas. .

An example of Serge using a Swallow to attack a Googhoul.
Equipment Type Melee Weapon
Description A pole with blades at either end.

Swallows are a weapon-type in Chrono Cross. Out of all 45 playable characters, only Serge and Lynx can equip them. Swallows are based on Eku, an oriental weapon which literally translates to "blades on a staff". The name Swallow likely emerged due to the shape of the blades which strongly resemble the birds of the same name.

Equippable by Serge Lynx
Name Japanese name Attack Hit% Cost Materials Special Effects Notes
Sea Swallow シースワロー + 5 29% N/A N/A Serge's starting equipment.
Cannot be bought, sold, or disassembled.
Copper Swallow ブロンズスワロー + 8-10 30% 100 G 1 Copper, 1 Humour Can be sold for 112 G
Steel Swallow アイアンスワロー + 10-13 31% 450 G 1 Feather, 1 Humour, and 1 Iron Can be sold for 365 G
Silver Swallow ミスリルスワロー + 16 31% 1600 G 1 Eyeball, 1 Feather, 1 Humour, and 1 Mythril
Stone Swallow デナドロスワロー + 20 32% 7980 G 2 Feathers, 2 Scales, 1 Humour, and 1 Denadorite Extra damage to Matter type enemies.
Mastermune グランドリーム + 20-23 33% N/A N/A 100% Critical Hit Rate
Recovers a small amount of Serge's HP each turn
Cannot be bought, sold, or disassembled.
Spectra Swallow プリズムスワロー + 20- 25 33% 21,600 G 1 Feather, 1 Rainbow Shell, 1 Scale,
1 S.Ember, 1 S.Dew, 1 S.Leaf, 1 S.Sand, 1 S.Salt,
and S.Soot (1).