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Slasher (Chrono Cross)

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For the Chrono Trigger weapon of the same name, see Slasher (Chrono Trigger).
Slasher (Chrono Cross)
Japanese Name ソイソー刀
Equipment Type Sword
Description A demon sword used by Slash.
Attack 23
Effect Increases Critical Hit rate
Hit % 33%
Sell N/A
Materials N/A
Won From common drop from Slash (Chrono Cross)

Slasher (Chrono Cross) (ソイソー刀 soisō tō?, Soisō's Sword) is a sword wielded by Slash in Chrono Cross. It increases critical hit rate. It can't be disassembled or sold. It is a common drop from Slash (Chrono Cross) in the Bend of Time. It is only available in New Game Plus.

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