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Iron Dagger

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Iron Dagger
Steel Dagger CC.png
Kid wields an Iron Dagger in battle.
Japanese Name アイアンダガー
Equipment Type Dagger
Description Made out of Iron.
Attack +11-12 (5%)
Hit % +2%
Price 420 G
Sell 425 G
Materials 1 Fang
1 Humour
1 Iron
Vendor Locations Guldove
Smith Spirit.

Iron Dagger (アイアンダガー?) is Kid's third Dagger in Chrono Cross. Early in the game, Iron, the main ingredient needed to forge this weapon, is difficult to come by. The earliest Serge can acquire this weapon for Kid is upon his first visit to Termina in Another World. Exploring the painter Gogh's estate, Serge finds a Profiteer Purse behind the marble staircase. Disassembling this item relinquishes three Irons, enough to smelt three Iron/Steel level weapons for him and his party members, including the Iron Dagger -- so long as the other necessary materials are also found.

Info[edit | edit source]

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

Since this dagger is made of Iron, the name signifies that.