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Hero's Blade

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Hero's Blade
Prop Sword.png
The Prop Sword, which is in fact the Hero's Blade
Japanese Name 勇者の剣
Equipment Type Sword
Description Invokes heroic powers when combined with the Hero's Shield and Medal!
Attack 11
Effect Doubles Critical Hit rate. Makes Medalsome more potent, and required to use SlapOfCyrus.
Hit % 33%
Evade % +25%

The Hero's Blade (勇者の剣?) is a weapon in Chrono Cross. It is the ultimate weapon of Pierre. When equipped, it increases Pierre's attack by 11 and hit percentage by 4%, and when equipped together with the other two hero items (the Hero's Shield and the the Hero's Medal), also increases his evasion percentage (by 25%) and doubles his critical hit rate.

In addition, when equipped with the other two hero's items, it makes his Medalsome ability more potent. The Hero's Blade is also required for Pierre to unlock his level 7 ability, SlapOfCyrus.

Info[edit | edit source]

To receive it, the following two conditions must first be met:

When this is done, talk to Piere in Termina (Another World), and the Prop Sword will become the Hero's Blade. Pierre will also learn his level 7 element tech, the SlapOfCyrus.