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Ancient Fruit

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Ancient Fruit
Ancient Fruit
Item Type Key Item
Description The fruit of an ancient plant that the Beeba tribe grows in order to tame Wingapedes.

Ancient Fruit (ふるき大地の果実 furuki daichi no kajitsu?, "Fruit of the Ancient Earth") is an item in Chrono Cross. Planted by the Beeba tribe, it is admired among Wingapedes and is used to tame them.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Found At: Once Riddel is rescued from Viper Manor, return to the western area of Hydra Marshes (Both Worlds). Depending on which World you, the events prior to receiving this item will slightly differ:
    • In Home World, you will initially need to defeat a Beeba in battle to receive it, after which he will give it to you and offer an explanation on how to use it.
    • In the same area in Another World, a Beeba will be assaulted by a SnibGoblin and SnobGoblin - help the Beeba by defeating these enemies and he will provide a sample of the fruit and offer a brief explanation of how to use it.
  • Use: Stand at the instructed place in Hydra Marshes and use the Beeba Flute to summon a Wingapede. It will carry the party to Gaea's Navel with the fruit as a payment. If you ever wish to revisit Gaea's Navel, simply return to the area where you initially received the Ancient Fruit (either world) and the party will receive a replacement fruit for free. It's only possible to have a single Ancient Fruit in the party's posession at a time.