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Dragoon's Honor

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Dragoon's Honor
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Japanese Name 龍騎士の誇り
Equipment Type Accessory
Description Improves Attack Power. Improves Hit%. Improves Magic Power.
Effect Attack +1, Hit% +2, Magic + 1
Sell 1690 G
Materials 1 Mythril, 2 Scales, 2 Furs, 2 Fangs
Won From Garai (Boss)
Treasure Chests Dining room in Viper Manor (Another World)

Dragoon's Honor (龍騎士の誇り ryūkishi no hokori?) is an accessory in Chrono Cross. It can be equipped by all characters. When worn, it increases Attack by 1 point, Hit% by 2 points, and Magic Attack by 1 point. One Dragoon's Honor can be acquired from a chest in the upper right corner of the dining room in Viper Manor (Another World), and another can also be acquired as a common drop from Garai (Boss) in Isle of the Damned (Home World).

It can be disassembled for 1 Mythril, 2 Scales, 2 Furs, and 2 Fangs; and it can be sold for 1690 G.

Guile's Bet[edit | edit source]

If on Guile's route, the Dragoon's Honor found in the dining room of Viper's Manor is necessary to finish Guile's bet with the Fortune Teller in Termina. If this item is retrieved and given to the Fortune Teller, Guile will be rewarded with a Brass Rod - otherwise, Guile will be forced to take his mask off for the Fortune Teller (the screen goes black when this happens, so players don't get to see it). This quest is entirely optional.