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Resistance Ring

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Resistance Ring
Resistance Ring Location.jpg
The Resistance Ring is found within this chest in the left window of the hut of Hermit's Hideway (Home World), hidden partially out of view.
Japanese Name レジストリング
Description Decreases the time that status effects last.
Sell 267 G
Materials 1 Iron, 1 Seed
Won From Rare drop from De-Hydrate.
Common Drop from Tyrano.
Rare drop from Lagoonate.
Treasure Chests Hermit's Hideaway (Home World

Resistance Ring (レジストリング rejisuto ringu?, "Resist Ring") is an accessory in Chrono Cross. It can be equipped by all characters. When equipped, it decreases the time that status effects last.

It can be acquired as a rare drop from De-Hydrate in Hydra Marshes (Another), a rare drop from Lagoonate in Water Dragon Isle (Home) and Marbule, and as a common drop from Tyrano in Gaea's Navel (Home). It can also be found in a chest in the hut at Hermit's Hideaway in Home World, located within the leftern window, hidden somewhat out of view.