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Flea Vest (Chrono Cross)

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This article is about the accessory from Chrono Cross. You may be looking for the Flea Vest (aka Flea Bustier) accessory from Chrono Trigger.
Flea Vest (Chrono Cross)
Flea as he appears in Chrono Cross. This accessory is his bra ("vest" being censorship).
Japanese Name マヨネーのブラ
Equipment Type Male-exclusive Accessory
Description Flea's undershirt makes him look feminine. (But you can wear it on your head!)
Magic Defense +13
Effect Exhaustion, Cursed
Sell 18,180G
Materials 1 Mythril and 10 Feathers
Stolen From Flea (Chrono Cross) in Bend of Time) (New Game Plus only) - Rare Steal

Flea Vest (Chrono Cross) (マヨネーのブラ mayonē no bura?, "Mayonnai's Bra") is an accessory in Chrono Cross which only appears in New Game Plus..

Exclusive to male characters, Flea's Vest raises Magic Defense by 13 points and afflicts the wearer with the negative status effects Exhaustion and Cursed. It can be dismantled for 1 Mythril and 10 Feathers or it can be sold for 18180G. Only obtainable in New Game Plus, Flea's Bustier is a rare steal from Flea in the Bend of Time. The in-game description is : "Flea's undershirt makes him look feminine. (But you can wear it on your head!)".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

The sell price of this accessory (18,180 G) comes from the Goroawase (a form of Japanese wordplay with numbers - see linked article for more details) for the Japanese word いやいや iyaiya, which means something like "no no!" as in "I don't want this!" (info sourced from page 242 of Chrono Cross Ultimania).

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