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Daemon Charm

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Daemon Charm
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Japanese Name 悪魔のお守り
Equipment Type Accessory
Description Protection against AntiBlack.
Effect Protects against AntiBlack
Sell 1112g
Materials 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Soot
Stolen From Fossil Valley - Steal from Shadow Cat (Common).

Hydra Marshes (Another) - Steal from De-Hydrate (Common).

Terra Tower - Steal from Gravitor (Common).
Treasure Chests Viper Manor (Another World), in a locked door requiring Parlor Key)
Fort Dragonia (Another World)

Daemon Charm (悪魔のお守り akuma no o-mamori?) is an accessory in Chrono Cross. When equipped, it protects that character from AntiBlack.

It can be found in a chest in Viper Manor (Another World) which is behind a locked door requiring Parlor Key) (can't be received until post-senaking mission). It is also contained in a chest in Fort Dragonia (Another World), and can be stolen from Shadow Cat, De-Hydrate, and Gravitor.

It can be disassembled for 1 Copper, 1 Mythril, 1 Shiny Soot, and sold for 1112 G.

Other Charms[edit | edit source]

The below charms, much like the Angel Charm, protect against "Anti" magic. What type of Anti magic they protect against is listed in parentheses.

Pictured here is the locked door in Viper Manor which contains a chest with the Daemon Charm. This door is located on the top floor of Viper Manor (the same one where the entrance is located) on the left hand side. It can only be opened with the Parlor Key, which must be obtained post-sneaking mission at day time when all the Acacia Dragoons and enemies have fled