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Sage of Marbule (Boss)

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This article is about the boss. You may be looking for the character .
Sage of Marbule
Sage of marbule.png
Japanese Name ケンジャ (Kenja)
Location S.S. Zelbess
Type Human
Gender Male
Doppelgang No
HP Innate
1500 White
Attack Magic Attack
56 25
Defense Magic Defense
41 20
Drop (Common) Drop (Rare)
Mythril Helmet n/a
Steal (Common) Steal (Rare)
n/a n/a
Absorbs Immune
n/a n/a
634 G

The Sage of Marbule is a boss fought in Chrono Cross.

Story[edit | edit source]

In Home World, the Sage of Marbule has been reduced to being a mere mop cleaner on the S.S. Zelbess. The party talks to him to try and find out how to open the way to the Dead Sea, which the former Sage refuses to tell them unless they prove they're willing to fight for it.

When defeated, he gives the party the Fiddler Crab, which can open the path to the Dead Sea.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

The main thing to note in this battle is that the Sage's attack patterns are dictated by what the party does. Simply using attacks (and healing and certain support elements like Diminish), he will do nothing but physical attacks. If using an Elemental attack, targeted support elements, or Trap elements, he will counter that character with a very aggressive, powerful elemental barrage - starting with the "TurnColor" of that particular element followed immediately by a powerful level-4 attack elemental attack of that same color. After a brief respite (i.e. the player gets another turn), he follows this with a physical attack; after another respite, he uses a 4th-level support spell of that elemental color. After a final respite, he attacks with a very powerful level 6 element attack magic of that element.

The below shows his attack patterns:

The easiest way to defeat the Sage is to simply use nothing but physical attacks, as his physical attacks are not very strong. Healing magic also does not trigger his counter attacks, making it even easier.

However, it is possible to Trap several powerful elements here: Inferno, Deluge, Carnivore, FreeFall, ThundaStorm, HolyLight. Furthermore, while it is possible to get Inferno, FreeFall and HolyLight earlier, this is the first opportunity one can receive the Deluge, Carnivore and ThundaStorm elements. If you wish to trap these, simply cast the trap element you wish to get (for example, if you want HolyLight, cast the HolyLight trap), as this will be enough to trigger that elemental attack pattern. It is also possible to trap the element(s) you want, and flee from battle - you will keep whatever elements you trapped and can go back to save your game and heal if you so desire. This is recommended if you wish to trap his elements in a more risk-averse way.

Note that if you did not buy these trap elements from the shop at Marbule in Another World with Serge pre-Fort Dragonia, it is not possible to get them while playing as Lynx since he can't return to Another World to buy them.