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Zoah (Boss)

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This article is about the boss. You may be looking for Zoah the playable character.
Japanese Name ゾア (Zoa)
Type None (First Fight
Human (Second Fight)
Gender Male
Doppelgang No

Zoah is a boss appearing in Chrono Cross. Inarticulate, Zoah speaks in simple sentences. His dialogue appears in all capital letters, or appears simply as grunts. One of the Four Devas, he is encountered in the Shadow Forest when Nikki is chosen as a guide into Viper Manor, where he serves as the protector of this entrance. Also, he appears alongside Karsh and Marcy in Mount Pyre, barring Serge's way into Fort Dragonia. He wears a helmet, spiked pauldrons, and a metal girdle. Gloves are his weapon of choice.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

Shadow Forest[edit | edit source]

If Serge chooses Nikki's path, they will have to traverse the Shadow Forest to infiltrate Viper Manor. Before they can get through, the Shaker Brothers and Zoah stop them from passing through and commence a boss fight. Zoah will occasionally use the tech DragonRider which will deal heavy damage. At this point in the game there's no access to Green-Innate characters, so the best offense you'll have against Zoah is stocking up on Green Elements at the store in Termina. After the battle, Zoah acknowledges the team's strength before leaping away.

Mount Pyre[edit | edit source]

After fighting the Shaker Brothers and the Fire Dragon, Serge encounters the Devas, who forbid his entrance into Fort Dragonia. Alongside Zoah battles Marcy and Karsh. Occasionally throughout the battle, he can cast Gyronimo and DragonRider. Should Glenn or NeoFio be present during this battle, it is wise to defeat Zoah first out of three Devas, as his techs will cause added damage to Green Innates, leaving the Green Innate, Karsh, behind, whose techs will do half damage to the aforementioned characters. After defeating him, he runs out of the room alongside his companions. Harle then appears to ask Serge if he plans to enter the Fort to find Lynx. She worries about his safety and recommends not adventuring into the Fort beyond. Afterward, she disappears.

It is a good idea to Pilfer or Snatch Karsh's AeroBlaster, as the Element is uncommon at this point in the game. Additionally, Zoah's Stamina Ring is a relatively rare find, whether the player chooses to equip it as an accessory or simply dismantle it, acquiring one is still advised, as it too is a uncommon item at this point in the game.

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