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Used By Cron Sprite.gif Crono
Frog Sprite.gif Frog
MP Costs 2/2
Element Type None
Crono Reqs Cyclone
Frog Reqs Slurp Slash
Target One enemy
Description Cross slash an enemy.

X-Strike (エックス斬り エックスぎり ekkusu giri "X-Cut/Slash"?) is a Tech in Chrono Trigger usable by Crono and Frog. X-Strike becomes available once Crono and Frog learn Cyclone and Slurp Slash, respectively. Although Frog is not officially recruited until after the Masamune is reforged by Melchior and the Hero's Badge is recovered from Tata, this tech can be learned as early as Crono's first visit to the Middle Ages. In Chrono Cross, a Tech performed by Serge and Glenn exists with the name of X-Strike. Similar in appearance to its Chrono Trigger counterpart, it is worth nothing that Serge, like Crono, is a silent protagonist and Glenn is very similar to Frog. The two not only share the same name, but the same spelling of that name, which is an atypical spelling for that name. Masa & Mune perform X-Strike, when the party battles them atop Denadoro Mountains.

Description[edit | edit source]

Bracing their Katanas and Swords, Frog and Crono dash toward the target. The blows from their weapons cross perpendicularly to form a red X shape on the map. Interestingly, depending on the positioning of the enemy and the positioning of the tech's casters, the X formed varies widely in shape and slope. Occasionally, it will cross perfectly in the center, forming a sideways X, while on other occasions, the X is more lopsided, resembling a T shape more than an X.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Fighting Yakra in Manolia Cathedral, Crono, Frog, and Lucca have few options for performing effective hits on the Fiend. Lucca's Flamethrower is all but useless, due to Yakra's high Magic Defense. Because of this, it is advisable to use X-Strike, while Lucca heals the party using Potions and Ethers.

In addition to the battle against Yakra, when battling Flea in Fiendlord's Keep, it is also useful to perform X-Strike. Not only are Crono and Frog necessary party members for that boss battle, but the tech proves useful, as Flea also has high resistances to Magic. Also, when a fresh session of Chrono Trigger is loaded, if the player watches through the scrolling videos, the battle with Flea in Fiendlord's Keep is shown. The tech Frog and Crono use in that animated video also happens to be X-Strike. Along the same vein, in one of the full-motion video's of the PlayStation release, Crono and Frog are seen using X-Strike against Zombor on Zenan Bridge, which is also a battle in which this tech is effective.

Gallery[edit | edit source]