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Frenzy (Confuse).gif
Learned by Crono
SNES/PS name Confuse
MP cost 12
Element type None
TP required 800
Target Single Enemy
Description Strike enemy 4 times in succession.
Double Techs Ice Sword II, Fire Sword II

Frenzy (乱れ斬り みだれぎり midare giri?) (also known as Confuse in the SNES/PS version) is Crono's 7th-level Tech in Chrono Trigger. In it, Crono hits his target 4 times. It is his strongest non-magical Tech.

Enemy Tech[edit | edit source]

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Used by Slash (Sword)
Super Slash
Element type None
Target One Character
Description Attack an enemy 4 times in succession.

Symmetrical in animation and damage-type, Slash uses this technique against the party when fought both in Fiendlord's Keep and Ozzie's Fort. As a katana-wielder, Slash mimics many of Crono's physical techs, including Frenzy and Wind Slash.