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Master Mune

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This article is about the Chrono Trigger Tech. You may be looking for the Chrono Cross swallow.
Master Mune
Used By Marle Sprite.gif Marle
Frog Sprite.gif Frog
Robo Sprite.gif Robo
SNES/PS Name Grand Dream
MP Costs 15/15/3
Marle Reqs Arise
Robo Reqs Heal Beam
Frog Reqs Frog Squash
Item Reqs Golden Gemstone
Target All enemies
Description Call upon Masa and Mune to smite enemies

Master Mune (グランドリーム gurandorīmu "Grand Dream"?) (also known as Grand Dream in the SNES/PS version) is a Triple Tech that is used by Marle, Frog and Robo in Chrono Trigger. It combines Arise, Frog Squash and Heal Beam to create a strong powerful tech. It requires one of the characters to have the Golden Gemstone equipped.

Name origin[edit | edit source]

The technique name is a pun/play on words of Masamune. In Japanese, the name of this technique is グランドリーム guran dorīmu "Grand Dream" while the name for Masamune is グランドリオン gurandorion "Grandleon".

The original SNES localization translated this technique name literally despite the fact that it changed the name of the sword to "Masamune", thus the pun was lost in translation. However, the modern localization (taken from the weapon of the same name from Chrono Cross) retained the play on words.