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Japanese name オーチャ
Career Fiery Cook
Age 44
Gender Male
Origin Guldove
World Another World
Height 5'7"
Weight 203 lbs
Build Chubby
Laterality Right-handed
Weapon Kitchen Utensils
Innate Element Red

"The one that's hidin' within me is not '"another me"'... It's just another '"part of me."' I am who I am... Including my dark side. It isn't right to think of my other side as a separate entity whom I can criticize... Rather, I must accept who I am as a whole..."
— Orcha

Orcha (オーチャ , Orcha?) is a character in Chrono Cross, and is a robust, rough chef hailing from Guldove who worked as the primary cook in Viper Manor for the Acacia Dragoons. In Home World, his brother owns and cooks for a restaurant in Arni.

Story[edit | edit source]

Growing up in a family of chefs, his brother, Belcha, moved to Arni to open a diner. It is likely assumed that he follows. However, the details of his early life are unclear. At some point, he eventually finds work with the Acacia Dragoons, preparing food and rations for them every night. He is known to have a dark side and gloats at times. Before the Porre invasion of Viper Manor, he temporarily works with a chef-in-training (in actuality, Norris, a spy). After the Porre officers arrived, they saw Orcha's moody bouts and exploited them by giving him Quadffid Seeds and using a special bell to bring out his darker side. He nearly tortures and kills Riddel in her interrogation, but fortunately he is beaten by Serge and his party. Feeling remorse for his actions, he joins Serge and fights alongside him, eventually visiting his brother again in Home World.

It is stated in Chrono Cross Ultimania on the page concerning Orcha that he is the older brother of Macha, and therefore the uncle of Korcha.

In the Japan-only artbook "Missing Piece" (once again, on the page concerning Orcha) in addition to reiterating the fact that Orcha is the older brother of Macha - it additonally states that his sister's husband, who would be Orcha's brother-in-law, was named "Papacha" (パパチャ?), and that Papacha played an important role in the story of Orcha in both worlds. In Home World, Papacha invited Orcha to steal the treasure of Guldove, the Dragon Tear, but Orcha rejects the offer, choosing instead to hone his cooking skills. In Another World, he receives the same offer from Papacha, but in this dimension Orcha chooses to accept the invitation. They eventually succeed at stealing the Dragon Tear, which leads to them getting kicked out of Guldove. It is unknown what happens afterwards to Papacha, but Orcha attempts to escape by boat. While fleeing, he is caught in an intense storm, but is saved by Viper.

How to Recuit[edit | edit source]

Orcha joins the party after Riddel is rescued and Hell's Cook is battled.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

  • Balanced Stats
  • Level 3 tech heals all and removes status effects
  • Level 5 tech drains HP

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Few High Level Element Slots

Tech Skills[edit | edit source]

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • Orcha's name (which is オーチャ Ōcha in Japanese) might be a pun on the Japanese word おっちゃん occhan, which is an affectionate term for either a "uncle" or "old guy (over age of 30/40)". This is further reinforced by the fact that Macha and Korcha's names end with "cha", and the fact that the first part of their names contains "Ma" (or "Mama" in Japanese) and "Ko" (the Japanese word for "child").
  • The "cha" in Orcha's name possibly derives from a speech mannerism common to those who hail from Guldove.

Gallery[edit | edit source]