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Lost Sanctum

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Lost Sanctum
Lost Sanctum.gif
The Lost Sanctum
Time Period Prehistory
Middle Ages

The Lost Sanctum (竜の聖域?) is an alternate dimension in Chrono Trigger (DS), as well as the mobile and Steam versions. It exists in both Prehistory and the Middle Ages.

Unlocking[edit | edit source]

After defeating Dalton and recovering the now-flight-capable Epoch, the Black Omen will surface in Antiquity. At this point, two new Gates will open in the following locations:

Setting[edit | edit source]

The Lost Sanctum has many locations within it that can be traversed on foot.

Quests[edit | edit source]

The Lost Sanctum consists of two dungeons and a village of Reptites. You perform quests for the villagers in the two different time periods to receive special rewards. There are Gates within the Lost Sanctum that permit travel between the two time periods.

# Quest Age Boss Reward
1 Clear the Forest Prehistory N/A Dragon's Tear
2 Clear the Forest Middle Ages N/A Megalixir
3 The Golden Hammer Prehistory / Middle Ages GoldHammer 100,000 G
4a The Prismastone Prehistory Nu Guardian Capsule Set (2 Strength, 2 Speed, and 2 Magic Capsules)
4b The Prismastone Middle Ages N/A Dragon Arm
5 Befriending the Nu Master Prehistory / Middle Ages Nu Master Nova Armor
6 Building the Bridge Middle Ages N/A Haste Helm
7 Finding the Bridge Builder Middle Ages N/A Saurian Leathers
8 The Dark Cavern Prehistory N/A Judgment Scythe
9 Defend the Village Prehistory Archaeofang (Elder), Archaeofang (Younger) Valor Crest
10 Tower of the Ancients Middle Ages Master-at-Arms, Bladesman Champion's Badge

Clear the Forest[edit | edit source]

Once Crono's party arrives in the prehistoric Lost Sanctum, they find the entire village deserted. After looking around a bit, the party goes off into the forest to the north and clear it of monsters. Once they return, the Reptites inhabiting the village come out and reward the party with a Dragon's Tear.

After clearing the forest in 65,000,000 B.C., they party can now enter the 600 A.D. Lost Sanctum, which had previously been overrun by monsters. Once the elder determines that the party members are the "heroes of legend" passed down in their tradition, and are once again employed to clear the Millennial Wood of monsters. The Reptites will yield a Megalixir when completed.

The Golden Hammer[edit | edit source]

Once the party clears the woods of monsters in Prehistory, a Reptite in the lower left part of the village requests the party to find the legendary "Golden Hammer." Another Reptite gives the party a hint that sprinkling a sapling with Golden Sand will cause it to become a golden tree. The party the departs to the Southern Glade to find some of the sand. After retrieving the Golden Sand, the party, as instructed, sprinkles it on a sapling at the end of the Millennial Wood. The party then departs for the Middle Ages to find the grown golden tree, but instead, they find Goldhammer, an Ogan that presumably chopped down the tree and already made a Golden Hammer. The party goes on to defeat it and it surrenders the hammer, which is then given to the Reptite in prehistory for a reward (100,000 G).

The Prismastone[edit | edit source]

Returning to Prehistory, the party receives a new quest from a Reptite in the upper left. Her daughter has fallen ill and needs the restorative qualities of the "Prismastone" to be cured. However, in order to procure the said item, the party needs to traverse Mount Emerald, which is guarded by the Nu Guardian, a dark-colored Nu that blocks the way at the base of the peak. After defeating the Nu, the party makes their way to the summit, where they find the Prismastone, which is taken back to the girl's mother for 2 Strength Capsules, 2 Magic Capsules, and 2 Speed Capsules.

In 600 A.D., there is a gem collector who wants the "Saintstone," a gem that can be created by the merging of two Prismastones. The party then returns to 65,000,000 B.C. to place the Prismastone on the altar in the Reptites' shrine. In the Middle Ages, the elder does not permit the party to enter the shrine unless they bear the Reptmark, which the party procures in the woods to the north. After removing the 600 A.D. Prismastone, the party uses the Epoch to return to Prehistory to merge the two Prismastones into the Saintstone, and is shown to the gem collector for a Dragon Arm for Robo.

Master Nu Quest[edit | edit source]

In the Middle Ages, speak to the Southwest Reptite who lives where the Golden Hammer guy lived in prehistory to find out that the Nu has been waiting for a strong person to show up and fight for over 65 million years. Agree to check into it and go to the Southern Glade. Move through the Southern Glade and go to Mt. Emerald to the East. Speak to the Nu, turned Master Nu (darker skin), who has been training for 65 million plus years.

Nu will warn that you will be facing many monsters first before facing him. He then moves out of the way to head up the mountain where he will wait to fight you. Before you can fight Master Nu, there are a few obstacles you will face. First, head North and you'll find out that the ladder leading to Master Nu is broken. Head back to the village and speak to the easternmost Reptite to find out that you'll need some vines. They are found in the Northeastern corner of the Southern Glade.

Go back to the broken ladder to trigger required dialogue. Then go back to prehistory and hang the ladder on the mountain. Return in the Middle Ages and climb it to face the Master Nu.

Building the Bridge[edit | edit source]

The reptite below the entrance to the Millenia Wood desires to build a bridge for you. To do so, he requires metal, a durable hammer and sturdy lumber.

The Steel Ingot is in the cave to the west of the swamp in the Middle Ages.

The Golden Hammer can be retrieved from the same reptite you gave it to in Prehistory.

You can obtain Godwood from the reptite at the entrance to the Millenia Forest in Prehistory. Talk to the lower right reptite first if he doesn't hand it over.

Bring them back to the reptite in the Middle Ages and he'll go to the mountains to build his bridge.

Finding the Bridge Builder[edit | edit source]

The neighbor of the bridge builder is concerned when his friend doesn't return home. He asks you check on him. Climb up the mountain and wake the Nu Master. Ask for his aid and he'll move out of the way for you. Follow the path until you come across the bridge builder dangling from his bridge. Go back to the Nu and have him help build the bridge.

Go back to the village and get a Hearty Lunch to take back up. The Nu is fed and asks you to get some more food. This time you need to go back to Prehistory and talk to the villagers. They suggest you kill some enemies to find food. He asked for something yellow, so fight until you find a Sweet Banana (I found one after defeating a purple blob monster and two frogs, found in a dead end in the Southern Swamp.

Note: There are other food items that you can get, but as far as I know (and the treasure guide in the game, too), there's no reward for getting them. They will net you healing items to use in battle, and only waste your time climbing up and down the mountain. The Sweet Banana is the only fruit that will finish this quest.

Hike back up the mountain in the Middle Ages to give the Nu the Sweet Banana. He will finish building the bridge after a while.

Come back here after completing the Dark Cavern mission and the Nu is done. You return to the village where the Nu finally makes friends and opens a shop.

The Dark Cavern[edit | edit source]

Take the Saintstone (see Prismastone Redux) and place it atop Mount Emerald in Prehistory. Return to the top in the Middle Ages and pick up the new Waystone. Go back to Prehistory and talk to the reptite at the bottom right. Agree to explore the cave and be on your way.

The light fills up the room and allows you to continue on. Move forward and your party members will hide as Twin Snake enemies make their way in. Overhear their plans and they will then notice you. Your party members decide to warn the villagers of the monsters - only to hear screams from further in the cave.

Return to the village (automatically) and warn the villagers of the impending attack. They hold a meeting and you promise to defeat the monsters planning to invade their village.

Defend the Village[edit | edit source]

After the above quest, you must return to the dark cavern, you will find monsters in the cave, when you reach the fort explore it a bit. On the outside you will find a Bow for Marle (Stardust Bow). When you see a room with two Chrysosaurs patrolling there will be a hidden door at the bottom. That leads to the end of the quests where you will battle two Archaeofangs: the Archaeofang (Elder) (Fire enemy) and Archaeofang (Younger) (Ice enemy). Note that using fire / water / ice attacks will heal the one and hurt the other. Defeating them returns the party to the village, where they are rewarded with the Valor Crest accessory for Ayla, finishing the quest.

Tower of the Ancients[edit | edit source]

The elder will now ask you to investigate the tower across the newly built bridge, claiming that it could be the one where their Heavenly Idols, guardians that watch over the village, harbingers of hope, and protectors of peace, rest upon according to legend. Head back up Mount Emerald again and fight your way across the bridge, fighting Exiles, Slate Imps, Pink Imps, and Bone Knights. Once the Tower of the Ancients has been entered, open the two chests at the beginning of the dungeon for 50000 G and a Dinoblade for Frog. The map after this is mostly a straightforward and linear series of small rooms, crawling with enemies like Bone Knights, Exiles, Soul Stalkers, and Deathguards, with steps leading upwards, so simply proceed until you are in a room with an opening to the right: the first room with an opening to the right simply contains a Save Point, but the second room with an opening to the right has a treasure chest with a Rusted Blade, which can be used later to create an Icewyrm (Katana) for Crono.

Once the top of the tower has been reached, you'll reach the boss of this area, which are two undead knights: the Master-at-Arms and Bladesman. The Bladesman acts in a support role for the more powerful Master-at-Arms by healing him, so defeat him first.

After the boss battle, go through the door to find statues of yourselves, showing that you are the idols that protect the Reptite Village. You will automatically return to the village where the reptites reward you with the Champion's Badge.

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

Item Location Era
Dried Mushroom Mount Emerald Prehistory
Godwood Millennia Forest Prehistory
Golden Hammer Millennia Forest Middle Ages
Golden Hammer (second) Reptite Village Prehistory
Hearty Lunch Reptite Village Middle Ages
Millennia Fruit Millennia Forest Prehistory
Prismastone Mount Emerald Prehistory
Prismastone (second) Reptite Village Middle Ages
Reptmark Millenia Forest Middle Ages
Saintstone Reptite Village Prehistory
Songbird Egg Mount Emerald Prehistory
Smoked Meat Winding Cave Prehistory
Steel Ingot Winding Cave Middle Ages
Sturdy Vines Southern Glade Middle Ages
Sweet Banana Southern Glade Prehistory
Waystone Mount Emerald Middle Ages

Nu Master Shop[edit | edit source]

Once the Great Bridge is completed and the Tower of the Ancients becomes accessible, the Nu Master decides to move to the village and open a shop there.

Item Price
Hi-Potion 700 G
Hi-Ether 6000 G
Turbo Ether 10000 G
Elixir 20000 G
Megalixir 50000 G

The following items are available only after beating the Tower of the Ancients.

Item Price
Dragonhead 20000 G
Reptite Tiara 18000 G
Dragon Armor 15000 G
Reptite Dress 14000 G