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Nova Armor

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Nova Armor
Nova Armor (Chrono Trigger).png
Japanese Name ノヴァアーマー
Equipment Type Armor
Description Sacred armor vested with stellar power
Defense 82
Effect Status Immunity
Sell 5500G
Charmable Fiends Fangbeast
Treasure Chests Black Omen

Nova Armor is armor that appears in Chrono Trigger. It is a powerful piece of equipment that provides a large amount of defense (82 points) and immunity to all Status Effects. It can be obtained in the SNES/PS version by charming a Fangbeast (or Goon, as they're called in the SNES/PS versions) or in a chest in the Black Omen. Only male characters (Crono, Frog, Robo, and Magus) can equip it.

In the DS version, one can also be obtained in the Lost Sanctum village after befriending the Nu Master atop Mount Emerald.