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Spiced Jerky

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Spiced Jerky
Japanese Name ハイパーほしにく
SNES/PSX Name Jerky
Equipment Type Key Item
Description A delicacy known for its intense flavor.

Spiced Jerky (ハイパーほしにく haipā hoshi niku?, Hyper Dried Meat) (also known as Jerky in the SNES/PS version) is an item in Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. The jerky comes in two forms; the first is a ration of the Master of Kitchens in 600 A.D. for the knights defending Zenan Bridge, and the second is a prized cooking item sold by the owner of the Snail Stop. Crono and the party deliver the former to the knights, assisting the effort to defend against the Mystics, while the latter is used in the Sun Stone sidequest. It is given to the needy wife of the Porre Elder for free, causing the Porre Mayor of later years to be imbued with charitable virtues. This allows the acquisition of the Sun Stone, stolen from the Sun Keep. It's bought from the tavern in Porre in 1000 AD for 9990 G and sold to the Mayor's Wife in 600 AD for 10000 G or given to her for free. If given to her for free, she promises to teach her children to be charitable.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Jerky is supposedly King Guardia XXXIII's favorite food; he rejects the food because of its high cholesterol content. In the Japanese version, he rejected it due to the over use of spices.