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Hero's Grave

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Hero's Grave
Hero's Grave2.gif
Time Period 600 AD

1000 AD

Notable inhabitants Cyrus

The Hero's Grave (also known as Northern Ruins before the quest of Cyrus in the SNES/PS version) is a location in Chrono Trigger. Situated on the island of Choras, it appears as a large castle, Middle Ages and the Present. The red roof from the Middle Ages changes to blue during the Present.

Story[edit | edit source]

After acquiring the Epoch, Crono can fly to the island of Choras, East of Truce. There, surrounded by forest stands a ruined mansion that houses the grave of a long dead knight, Cyrus. When the player first arrives, they find the way barred by massive holes in the floor and a sword-wielding apparition. Untouched by spell or blade, the battle turns into a fight to stay alive. After a few turns, Frog realizes the ghost belongs to his long dead friend -- the knight who is buried in the ruins beyond. The ghost dissolves and the party is booted from the scene.

To fully explore the ruins and power up the Masamune, the party must hire the Carpenter in 600 A.D. In order to hire him, the Carpenter's Tools must be acquired from another carpenter from 1000 A.D. who lives in the same area. Once the tools have been given to the carpenter in 600 A.D., send him and his crew to the ruins to do repairs. Follow them there and clear out the monsters. Hire the Carpenter again for a small fee and Cyrus's grave will be accessible.

Info[edit | edit source]

Epitaph[edit | edit source]

DS Version

Here lies Cyrus, the fool who defied Magus.

After Masamune upgrade:

Here rests the brave Sir Cyrus, whose spirit lives on in his true friend, Glenn.

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