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Moonbeam Armor

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Moonbeam Armor
Moonbeam Armor (Chrono Trigger).png
Japanese Name 月光の鎧
SNES/PSX Name Moon Armor
Equipment Type Armor
Description Armor forged by the light of the moon.
Defense 85
Effect Magic Defense +10
Sell 6500 gold
Won From Arena of the Ages (Rank 6 prize)
Treasure Chests Northern Ruins (post-upgrade) (Present)

Moonbeam Armor (げっこうのよろい gekkō no yoroi?, "Moonlight Armor") (also known as Moon Armor in the SNES/PS version) is an armor in Chrono Trigger. It increases defense by 85 points and Magic Defense by 10. It can only be equipped by male party members. It can be sold for 6500 G.

It is acquired from a Sealed Chest in the Northern Ruins (Present), but said sealed chest must first be upgraded by checking it first in the Middle Ages, NOT opening the chest (i.e. saying "no" when it asks if you want to open the chest), and then returning to the Present era to open it. If this is not done correctly, players will receive a Nova Armor instead.

In the original SNES and Playstation versions of Chrono Trigger, this is the only way to acquire the Moonbeam Armor (or the "Moon Armor" as it is called in those versions), so if players get the Nova Armor instead, they will no longer be able to acquire the Moonbeam Armor for that playthrough. In Chrono Trigger (DS), it is possible to get another Moonbeam armor from the Arena of the Ages as a tier 6 prize.

Info[edit | edit source]

  • Price:n/a
  • Found (Treasure): Upgraded sealed chest in Northern Ruins (Present)
  • Drop (Enemy):
  • Sold (Location):