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Bandit's Bow

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Bandit’s Bow
Robin Bow.png
Japanese Name ロビンのゆみ
SNES/PSX Name Robin's Bow
Equipment Type Bow
Description A type of bow favored by outlaws.
Attack 25
Price 2,850G
Sell 1,425G
Vendor Locations Truce
Treasure Chests Derelict Factory

The Bandit’s Bow is an item in Chrono Trigger and is Marle's fourth bow. This item can be purchased in the Truce Market or obtained within a chest inside the Derelict Factory. It can be sold for 1425 G and its attack power is 25.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Bandit refers to an outlaw, as the weapon description reflects. The original translation of the game calls the item "Robin's Bow", which is likely an allusion to Robin Hood.