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Alabaster Shade

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Alabaster Shade
Alabaster Shade
Japanese Name 白の影
HP Defense Magic Defense
16000 150 67
5000 1 0
Weak Absorbs Immune
Shadow, Fire None Ice / Water
Location Dimensional Vortex
Treasure None
Charm Haste Helm
Techs Barrage (crossbow shoot)
Icefall (Ice II)
Recuperate / Restores HP (Cure)
Counters Barrage (crossbow shoot)
Icefall (Ice II)
Combo Counters None
Combos None

Alabaster Shade is a boss exclusive to Chrono Trigger (DS) that appears in the Dimensional Vortex. She seems to be a dark, shadowy version of Marle. The player will be forced to include Marle in the party for this battle after she says she feels as if she is being called; and victory will awaken her latent powers, increasing her stats. She uses her "Icefall" tech (essentially the same as Marle's Ice II) to attack all party members for a large amount of water/ice damage. When her HP runs low, she will use Recuperate to recover her HP. A Haste Helm can also be charmed from this boss.

Battle Strategy[edit | edit source]

She is weak to Fire and Shadow magic, so it might be prudent to bring Lucca, Magus or Robo to this battle. Since the Alabaster Shade's most deadly attack by far is her Icefall attack, it would be best to bring characters equipped with armor, headgear or accessories that reduce water damage, such as the Mermaid Helm.