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Lavos Spawn

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Lavos Spawn
Japanese Name プチラヴォス
Location Death Peak (Future)

Lavos Spawn are bosses in Chrono Trigger. Appearing on Death Peak during the Future, the player first encounters a Lavos Spawn while climbing the snowy slopes to the summit of the mountain. The second Spawn is fought within a cave, while the third is fought after exiting the cave. When the third spawn dies, the party members must push the shell towards the grips in the adjacent cliff face and climb it to continue scaling the mountain. Lavos Spawn appear as miniature replicas of Lavos. These creatures are likely the offspring of Lavos, emerging from the ruins of Tyranno Lair, buried deep within the planet's crust.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Attacking the shell results in a powerful counter-attack which automatically puts the attacker to Sleep. Refrain from attacking the body. Instead, direct techs at the face. Preferably, the most powerful ones available to the party. Magic attacks heal the shell but are neutral to the face. However, since the shell immediately disintegrates after defeating the face (except for battle when the shell is needed to climb the wall), magically offensive characters such as Marle, Lucca, Magus are still safe to use. Direct all attacks at the shell, and heal party members when HP reaches around 100. Try to land attacks on the face when its yellow, outer shell exposes the pink, tender center.

Etymology[edit | edit source]

Its name literally comes from being Lavos' spawn. The Laruba word for "Lavos" translates to "Big Fire" in Guardia's common tongue, so it can be inferred that Lavos Spawn would probably be called "Child of Big Fire".