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Sleep (Status)

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Sleep is a Status Effect in Chrono Trigger. While Sleeping, players are exempt from attacking and their defense severely weakens. Panacea cures the ailment. Additionally, when a spell or physical attack is targeted at sleeping characters, they immediately wake up. When afflicted, the party member(s) lay on the ground, as if knocked out, with two miniature "Z" s above their heads. Lucca's Tech Hypnowave casts sleep on a cluster of enemies (if applicable). Sleep can be advantageous against the Displays that fight alongside Mother Brain in Geno Dome. A counter-tech cast by Black Bats, called Ultrasonic Wave, casts Sleep on multiple party members. The Lavos Spawn encountered on Death Peak retaliate with a counter called Lavos Spawn Needles that also casts Sleep on the party member that provoked it. When fought in Fiendlord's Keep, Flea casts Blow Kiss, which also causes Sleep.