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The Wingapede using AcidicGas on the party.
Type Magic
Color Green
Target All Enemies
User Wingapede
Description Damage plus poison status effect

AcidicGas (酸性ガス , Sansei gasu, lit. Sour Gas?) is a Green Enemy Tech used by the Wingapede in Chrono Cross. This tech allows the Wingapede to exhale a breath of evaporated stomach acid from its body, which inflicts both mediocre amounts of damage and possibly the Poison status on all foes present on-screen.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Wingapede will start off by raising its head up into the air, whereby it is observed to suck in a deep breath of air through its mouth. A green-colored mist ring will hover around its mouth as it exhales a cloud of foul gas, which quickly engulfs all foes present on-screen. Swirls of a foggy substance will then spiral upwards on the bodies of every foe before disappearing.