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Korcha uses BigCatch to summon a Wraith.
Type Physical
Color Blue
Allocation Level 7±7
Target Single Opponent
User Korcha
Description Randomly choose one from the Doppelgang list and drop it on the enemy, damage variates on different monsters.

BigCatch (ビッグキャッチ , Biggu kyatchi?) is Korcha's seventh-level Blue tech in Chrono Cross. Speak with the caged Mermaid in Termina (Another World), then head to the Cemetery and speak again with the escaped Mermaid. She rewards Korcha with BigCatch as thanks for pushing her to flee from captivity earlier in the plot.

The creatured attached to Korcha's hook vary depending on which creatures are in the Doppelgang pool. Damage also varies with each creature brought to the field. Stronger enemies cause more damage, and Element types of the creature effect damage. For instance, if the target is Yellow and the creature summoned is Green, damage bonuses for opposite Element types apply. Additionally, should the target and the summon have identical Element types, damage is reduced by half.

Description[edit | edit source]

Casting a Lure at a single target, Korcha pulls back on the rod. A creature attached to the hook flops on the head of the enemy, causing damage, as Korcha backflips away to evade being hit by the newly incoming creature.

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

BigCatch is a colloquialism used by fishermen to explain a productive session of fishing where the product is very high. Ironically, however, when first introduced to Korcha, a feline Demi-human mocks Korcha for his tendency to catch only small fish. This tech's name might be a reference to his improvement as a fishermen, as he was able to "catch" the heart of a mermaid, a much bigger "fish" in comparison.