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Gravitor using OmegaBlack on Lia.
Type Magic
Color Black
Target Single Enemy
User Gravitor, Ozzie, Time Devourer

OmegaBlack (オメガブラック , Omega Burakku?) is a Black Enemy Tech used by Gravitor, Ozzie and the Time Devourer in Chrono Cross. This tech allows its user to blast a beam of devastating dark energy at a selected target, dealing heavy damage in the process.

Description[edit | edit source]

A yellow orb infested with swirls of dark energy will appear in front of the selected target. The dark energy will pour out onto the ground and dye the entire field black. The target will then be isolated from all his/her other party members, whereupon a scaly contraption will revolve around his/her body. Flashes of black lightning are also observed to appear at regular intervals. A dark orb of energy will then gather near the middle of the target's body, and in a bright flash of light, explode to deal damage to said target.