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Glenn performing SonicSword on an AirFrame.
Type Physical
Color Green and Black
Allocation Level 5±5
Target Single Enemy
User Glenn and Dario
Description Deathblow taught to him by his late big brother

SonicSword (ソードソニック , Sōdo sonikku?) is Glenn's Level 5 tech in Chrono Cross. Learned upon acquiring 19 boss stars, Glenn gains the ability to to draw a green-colored energy into his sword, which he releases onto a selected target, dealing fairly heavy damage in the process.Dario also performed this but as an black enemy tech.

Description[edit | edit source]

Glenn[edit | edit source]

Glenn will first crouch forward, positioning his sword behind him as he does so. As he stands up, he will swing his sword forward with a start, whereupon it will extend and glow with a green-colored energy. Upon contact, a green sparkle is observed to form on the target before dissipating. If Glenn happens to wield the Double Einlanzer while performing this tech, he will repeat the afore-mentioned move one more time, dealing twice as much damage.

Dario[edit | edit source]

Dario will start swinging his sword twice,whereupon it will extend and glow with a black-colored energy.Upon contact,a Black sparkle is observed to form on the target before dissipating and dealing heavy damage.