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Turnip using VegeMight on an Aero-Guard.
Type Physical
Color Green
Allocation Level 5±5
Target Single Enemy
User Turnip
Description Burrow into ground to do uppercut from below

VegeMight (カブショック , Kabu shokku, lit. Turnip Shock?) is Turnip's Level 5 tech in Chrono Cross. Learned after gaining 19 boss stars, Turnip gains the ability to dig underground and perform a surprise uppercut on a selected target.

Description[edit | edit source]

Turnip will start off by spinning a few rounds, causing his body to rise up into the air. He will then crash headlong into the ground, burrowing into it. The camera will then shift its focus onto the selected target, whereby a cloud of dust is observed to gather underneath said target. This is quickly followed by Turnip jumping up from the ground, revolving quickly as he does so. The impact will cause the selected target to sustain fairly heavy damage.