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This page will eventually consist of various project out there that someone can work on to improve the Chrono Wiki. If you see something that needs work, feel free to include it under the current projects. This project page is still a working progress.

Current Projects[edit source]

These are projects that are available for you to work on. If you working it, annotate it. You are more than welcome to work on it alone, but if you need help, you can also include Request Help by the current working project.

  • Expand Chrono Cross
    • CC Enemy Template (Moocowisi Working)
      • Status: Template complete. Needs to be added to all enemy pages. A-E done.
    • Expand all CC Element Pages (nobody working)
      • In addition to character techs, I'm adding Enemy Techs that I come across while playing.
      • Status: Created all Tech articles as stubs.
  • Chrono Cross Music (Deyvid Petteys Working)
    • Status: Finished Disc 1. Disc 2 coming soon.
  • Unused Images Listing (Xabryn Working)
  • Anything Radical Dreamers (Deyvid Petteys Working)
    • Status: Created a nav bar and 2 infoboxes. Already created a few articles as tests. Expect more soon.
  • Expanding the Fan Games (nobody)
    • More specifically, adding video playthrough of Crimson Echoes here. ( CommanderCobalt Working )
    • Added the Crimson Echoes namespace, so feel free to add information regarding Crimson Echoes characters/items/monsters/location by entitling it: Crimson Echoes:[Name] for example, Crimson Echoes:Crono. (nobody)
  • Convert Character/Enemy Images to include a transparent background (Zeypher Working) [Requesting Help]
    • Status: Only converted a few that I've seen in the Arena for the Ages matches.
  • Organize Chrono Cross Weapon, Armor, Accessory and Element Information (nobody)
  • Add redirects to old translation from the SNES/PS into the DS version (Ex: Tonic to Potion, Slash to Wind Slash etc) (Zeypher and SilverCrono Working)
    • Status: Item, Tech, Weapon, Headgear, and Armor Completed for now...
  • More Random Quotes here especially for CC and RD (nobody)
  • Convert equipment/item articles in all games to look like: this, this, this, this or this. For full list see this! (nobody)
  • Upload pictures of the Chrono Cross Elements (Deyvid Petteys Working (requesting help))
    • Status: Moving along nicely. Uploaded several already. Expect more soon.
  • Add strategies to CT boss pages ( CommaderCobalt Working)
  • Add links to music pages for CT Location pages (nobody)

Requested Projects[edit source]

These are things someone has asked to be done, or to be followed in the future.

Completed Projects[edit source]

These are where you will include completed projects, time/date completed, who've helped, etc.