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Chrono Wiki:Userboxes

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A collection of Userboxes. Feel free to make your own. If you can't, leave all Userbox requests on the talk page.

Userbox policy[edit source]

This isn't Wikipedia, and we have no intent of starting a userbox war or restricting what can go in it. Since this is a fan site and not a strict encyclopedia, we follow "netiquette" law, meaning copyrighted images may go in userboxes. We have no image restrictions, except to please try keep the image size limited to 45 pixels in height, no more, no less. This is just so that the userboxes fit well.

As for what kind of userboxes you can't make, just use common sense. No racism, porn, et cetera in userboxes obviously. You can make a userbox saying "X sucks!" as long as X isn't a person or belief (although fictional characters and Tom Cruise are exempt from this restriction). Other than that, you can create any userbox you want, from what your favorite sports team is to don't you hate your stupid 8:30 am lecture.

Usage[edit source]

To add a pre-made userbox to your user page, merely copy the Code: {{user name_of_box}}

To make a custom userbox, use the special template. The template includes a tutorial.

For questions about the userbox, not answered in the tutorial, please ask here.

More Userboxes[edit source]

See Also[edit source]

Wiki-related[edit source]

User admin.jpg This user is an administrator on the Chrono Wiki.
Code: {{user admin}}   (edit, talk, links)
Userb title.jpg This user is a Mod for the Chrono Wiki.
Code: {{user title}}   (edit, talk, links)
Userb rollback.jpg This user is a Rollbacker, and has the power to remove vandalized articles. Vandals BEWARE!
Code: {{user rollback}}   (edit, talk, links)
Belthasar.gif This user loves to
Welcome New Users.
Code: {{user welcome}}   (edit, talk, links)
Soldier2.gif This user patrols the Recent Changes made on the Chrono Wiki.
Code: {{user rc}}   (edit, talk, links)
Soldier1.gif This user scouts Random Pages of the Chrono Wiki.
Code: {{User rp}}   (edit, talk, links)
Spekkio (final form).gif This user edits WAY too much here and really needs find something else to, just one more edit..
Code: {{User obsess}}   (edit, talk, links)
Wiki.png This user has been a member of the Chrono Wiki since <date>.
Code: {{user join|date}}    (edit, talk, links)

Edit Count[edit source]

See Special:Preferences to find your numbers.

100+ This user has over 100 edits.
Code: {{user e100}}   (edit, talk, links)
250+ This user has over 250 edits.
Code: {{user e250}}   (edit, talk, links)
500+ This user has over 500 edits.
Code: {{user e500}}   (edit, talk, links)
750+ This user has over 750 edits.
Code: {{user e750}}   (edit, talk, links)
1000+ This user has over 1000 edits.
Code: {{user e1000}}   (edit, talk, links)
2500+ This user has over 2500 edits.
Code: {{user e2500}}   (edit, talk, links)
5000+ This user has over 5000 edits.
Code: {{user e5000}}   (edit, talk, links)
7500+ This user has over 7500 edits.
Code: {{user e7500}}   (edit, talk, links)
10K+ This user has over 10000 edits.
Code: {{user e10000}}   (edit, talk, links)
50K+ This user has over 50000 edits.
Code: {{user e50000}}   (edit, talk, links)
100K+ This user has over 100000 edits.
Code: {{user e100000}}   (edit, talk, links)
1M+ This user has over 1000000 edits.
Code: {{user e1000000}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user doesn't care about his/her edit counts.

Code: {{user enon}}   (edit, talk, links)

Personal[edit source]

Gender[edit source]

Crono.gif This user is a male.
Code: {{user male}}   (edit, talk, links)
Marle.gif This user is a female.
Code: {{user female}}   (edit, talk, links)

Zodiac Sign[edit source]

March 21 – April 19
Aries.gif This user is an Aries.
Code: {{user aries}}   (edit, talk, links)
April 20 – May 21
Taurus.gif This user is a Taurus.
Code: {{user taurus}}   (edit, talk, links)
May 22 – June 21
Gemini.gif This user is a Gemini.
Code: {{user gemini}}   (edit, talk, links)
June 22 – July 23
Cancer.gif This user is a Cancer.
Code: {{user cancer}}   (edit, talk, links)
July 24 – August 23
Leo.gif This user is a Leo.
Code: {{user leo}}   (edit, talk, links)
August 24 – September 23
Virgo.gif This user is a Virgo.
Code: {{user virgo}}   (edit, talk, links)
September 24 – October 23
Libra.gif This user is a Libra.
Code: {{user libra}}   (edit, talk, links)
October 24 – November 22
Scorpio.gif This user is a Scorpio.
Code: {{user scorpio}}   (edit, talk, links)
November 23 – December 21
Sagittarius.gif This user is a Sagittarius.
Code: {{user sagittarius}}   (edit, talk, links)
December 22 – January 20
Capricorn.gif This user is a Capricorn.
Code: {{user capricorn}}   (edit, talk, links)
January 21 – February 19
Aquarius.gif This user is an Aquarius.
Code: {{user aquarius}}   (edit, talk, links)
February 20 – March 20
Pisces.gif This user is a Pisces.
Code: {{user pisces}}   (edit, talk, links)
November 29 - December 18
Ophiuchus.png This user is a Ophiuchus.
Code: {{user ophiuchus}}   (edit, talk, links)

Game[edit source]

Completion[edit source]

CT This user has completed Chrono Trigger.
Code: {{user com CT}}   (edit, talk, links)
CTDS This user has completed Chrono Trigger DS.
Code: {{user com CTDS}}   (edit, talk, links)
RD This user has completed Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki.
Code: {{user com RD}}   (edit, talk, links)
CC This user has completed Chrono Cross.
Code: {{user com CC}}   (edit, talk, links)

Fandom[edit source]

This user is a fan of Chrono Trigger.
Code: {{user fan CT}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user is a fan of Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki.
Code: {{user fan RD}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user is a fan of Chrono Cross.
Code: {{user fan CC}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user is a fan of the entire Chrono (Series).
Code: {{user fan all}}   (edit, talk, links)

Hatred[edit source]

This user hates Chrono Trigger.
Code: {{User hate CT}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user hates Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki.
Code: {{User hate RD}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user hates Chrono Cross.
Code: {{user hate CC}}   (edit, talk, links)
This user hates the entire Chrono (Series).
Code: {{user hate all}}   (edit, talk, links)

Games & Consoles[edit source]

These userboxes showcases the collections of the user whether if it's game systems, games, etc.

Systems[edit source]

NES logo.png This user owns the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).
Code: {{User nes}}   (edit, talk, links)
SNES logo.png This user owns a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).
Code: {{User snes}}   (edit, talk, links)
Sega Gen Logo.jpg This user owns a Sega Genesis console.
Code: {{User gen}}   (edit, talk, links)
N64 logo.jpg This user owns a Nintendo 64 console.
Code: {{User n64}}   (edit, talk, links)
PS1 logo.png This user owns the original PlayStation console.
Code: {{User ps1}}   (edit, talk, links)
PS2 logo.png This user owns a PlayStation 2 console.
Code: {{User ps2}}   (edit, talk, links)
PS3 logo.png This user owns a PlayStation 3 console.
Code: {{user ps3}}   (edit, talk, links)
PSP Logo.png This user owns a PlayStation Portable console.
Code: {{user psp}}   (edit, talk, links)
Dreamcast logo.png This user owns a Sega Dreamcast console.
Code: {{user dc}}   (edit, talk, links)
Gamecube logo.png This user owns a Nintendo GameCube console.
Code: {{user gc}}   (edit, talk, links)
Microsoft XBOX.png This user owns the original Xbox console.
Code: {{user xbox}}   (edit, talk, links)
XBOX 360 LOGO.jpg This user owns a Xbox 360 console.
Code: {{user 360}}   (edit, talk, links)
Wii logo.png This user owns a Nintendo Wii console.
Code: {{user wii}}   (edit, talk, links)
Nintendo DS Logo.png This user owns a Nintendo DS console.
Code: {{user nds}}   (edit, talk, links)

Other Games[edit source]

None yet

Miscellaneous[edit source]

None yet