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About Zeypher[edit]

Magus = Epic Win

Hello everyone! I am one of the current admins for this wiki. Recently I haven't became very active in the wiki for personal reasons as well as performing other admin duties for Big Bang Theory Wiki. You can find me there more often. During its off season, I may come to this wiki to see how it has become. I still love the game, always will, and I felt I did quite a bit during my run. If I get a surge of time and energy, I can begin editing some pages here as well. I'm always available, so feel free to message me (I can see new messages from any wikia I'm in) and I'll answer what you've ask or simply saying hi back! :)

Crono = Bad@$$

Social Networks[edit]

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Ideas for Improvement[edit]

  • Categorize game-specific categories (Anyone else can help if you see where I am going with that..)
  • Expand Crimson Echoes fan game (Secondary Project)
  • Edit all the Chrono Trigger Enemy with new infobox design (You can help me if you like) (Tertiary Project)
  • I want to get rid of that white background for images and convert it into .png files so we can have a transparent background for them. I've did a few already, Magus, Marle, and Lucca for example. But, I will mostly update it when we have a new fight at the Arena. :D So if you would be kind, before you upload images make sure the background is already transparent or in .png format. Makes it easier for me. Thanks. (Low Priority)

Daily Projects[edit]

  • Advertise the Wiki so we can get more active users... (Advertising through Facebook)
  • Articles (Eventhough they quite a bit already, we could always use more)
  • Images (Always nice to see more...)
  • More VIDEOS! :)

Completed Projects[edit]

  • Video walkthrough of Chrono Cross (Check out page here: Walkthrough:Chrono Cross/Zeypher)
  • Adding specific stub templates to articles such as {{Char-stub}}, {{Tech-stub}}, {{Locat-stub}} etc.
  • I did a create a pretty good background for the wiki so I am marking it as "completed"... or is it...
  • Categorizing images (Hope that it remains organized)
  • Categorizing pages (Let's maintain it... special pages may not update automatically tho)

Arena for the Ages[edit]

We put Chrono series characters against each other and see who the people will vote for. Get out there and show your support and vote! We are always looking for maximum participation!

The Arena is closed!

Don't worry, folks, it'll be back. Spekkio is just on a time-travel expedition now, and can't update enough.

You can still suggest your own fights!



User admin.jpg This user is an administrator on the Chrono Wiki.
Wiki.png This user has been a member of the Chrono Wiki since 26 May 2010.

I am still working on the project... sorry for being so slow with it. Be so caught up in everything else. I've almost completed all the console userboxes. If you got any suggestion for a userbox, let me know and I'll add to the list.

Here are my various userboxes for this wiki. I began to see right away how low the amount of userboxes there are in this wiki. I believe we can further enhance this area in the near future to feature more userboxes similar to that is found in Final Fantasy wiki. So far this is what I have: Favorites, are simply my favorite characters found in the Chrono series. (So far only Chrono Trigger are featured) Completed is just games from the series I've completed (Mainly only CT and CC....) as well as contribs.

My Word Bubble[edit]

Zeypher - None shall pass!
TALK - 08:33, June 3, 2010 (UTC)
Just a reference if ever I get a brain fart: {{ZeypherTalk|time=~~~~~|text=(Insert Text Here)}}

Other Active Wikias[edit]

The following are the main one I go to beside this one, Chrono Wiki. I don't want to use too many different wikia or else I may get too much on my hands when it comes to updating it.

Eternal Remien Wiki[edit]

This is my baby project that I am working on. This is basically a wiki format style of my future game that I hope to create. It is still in the working stages, and I'm sure no one will be able to really contrib to it because no one can read my mind. Slowly I will compile my ideas together and from there people can look and rate it and see what can be improve from my ideas. This is a creative writing assignment, and I doubt it will "big", but I might be found there editing stuff as well when I'm not at other wikis!

The Big Bang Theory Wiki[edit]

I am currently the admin of this wikia because I am a huge fans of the show and currently hold the most contribution made into it. It's no where as detailed as Final Fantasy Wiki or as pretty. I am mostly found in there adding in episodes, updating character profiles or making categories and other admin related stuff. I really want it to be as pretty as I can and as detailed as the Final Fantasy Wiki.

Final Fantasy Wiki[edit]

Final Fantasy is another wiki which I joined and completely love the Final Fantasy series! I must admit I've never played all of the many games out there in the series, but I've played a great majority of it. I am still waiting for Final Fantasy versus XIII to be released, but will still play FFXIII-2 when it comes out. Always will enjoy the series! Keep it up Square Enix! Now for the wiki... this is a very complex and detail information wiki! I hope to that some aspect of that detail information into this wikia. But of course with many of those other helping me out, we can make this wiki so much better.

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