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You play Tactics Ogre too?[edit source]

Dude, I love that game. I'm only halfway into Chapter 2 though. --—SilverCrono[T/C] 17:17, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

I thought I was the only person who played this game? Ha. Of course, I discovered Person of a Lordly Caliber, for the N64 first. I had no idea there were prequels. Right now, I just finished Zodo Marsh. So I literally just started Chapter 2, I guess. I plan on playing Knight of Lodis next, but I still have yet to finish my Chrono Cross play through, so I might go for that. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 19:10, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

I got it for my birthday (3rd of June). It's really fun, Crono lieky. It's definitely better than FF Tactics: War of the Lions. Also, I think I grinded too much. When I was at Zodo Marsh, my Denem was a level 18 Knight. >> --—SilverCrono[T/C] 20:15, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Too funny. My birthday is the 11th of June. Gemini all the way, man. I hate admitting this, but I emulate Tactics. I actually really enjoyed the original Final Fantasy Tactics, but not as much as I enjoy Tactics Ogre. If you've never played Ogre Battle 64:Person of a Lordly Caliber, I'd highly recommend it. Unlike Tactics Ogre, characters aren't split up into single spaces. Instead, their clumped together in units of six characters, each unit is still custom, but they their banded together. It's awesome. Anyway, my Denim is only level 12 right now. I grind levels while editing; just set it on computer and let them go. He's also a Wizard because it was the first class he could change into. Pretty kick ass, all the same. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 22:32, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

Stop with edits?[edit source]

Am I supposed to stop editing tomorrow? How will this website change work? Thanks! Boligao 22:45, July 17, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

Yes, so today is the last day for edits as far as I know. I may be wrong, but to be safe, please refrain from editing. Basically, what will occur is that Silver will export pages to the new wiki. I believe it works just like importing pages. Not sure on that. Basically, we're copying the content of all articles here at Chronopedia and moving them to a new website, where we can customize skins, control the functions and terms of the wiki, and basically control it and host it, so we don't have to rely on Wikia. Hope that makes sense. If I'm not mistaken, even our usernames and edit counts will cross over to the new wiki. Along with everything else. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 23:49, July 17, 2011 (UTC)

So, hm, do you have a Messenger account so I can add you? :P Only way to keep in touch (that and E-mails) while the wiki is being moved... what's going to be the new address? :D There should be a better distinction between CT and CC pages in the new website, because since some users like me only play CT it's annoying when I'm looking for pages to improve and I keep stumbling upon stupid CC pages, lol :P Anyways, this is my last edit here, if you can count it as that! :) My msn is (deleted by user) and my E-mail is either that or (deleted by user) Boligao 00:14, July 18, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

We'll keep everyone updated. Don't worry. :) I'll add your email, as I don't have an MSN account. My email is (deleted by user)--— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 00:32, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

(butting in like a boss) Mine is (deleted by user). Today might be the last day, I'm not to clear on when to stop editing. --—SilverCrono[T/C] 00:54, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

Awesome. I added you guys and sent a courtesy email. I'm going to delete the address now out of my talkpage to prevent spam and such. Let me know if we can still edit tomorrow, Silver. Not sure what's going on with the export or if you just used Monday as an example. And Boligao, I really hope you decide to join us at the new wiki. I'd hate to lose such a valuable editor :) --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 01:35, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

Just yesterday I asked for an export dump, and they're usually processed weekly (as I just found out), so yeah. Probably gonna wait till next Monday. Edit away (sorry for the confusion, don't hate me D:) --—SilverCrono[T/C] 22:35, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

You heard that everyone! Break our your keyboards! ;). Anyway, it's no trouble really. Just some minor mis-communication of our parts. No biggie. I was starting to edit the Ogre Battle Saga Wiki ;P. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 22:53, July 18, 2011 (UTC)

Is that your real hair?[edit source]

Must be annoying :P Boligao 07:58, July 19, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

That photo is about 2 years old, but my hair usually cut more or less the same. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 18:47, July 19, 2011 (UTC)

Damn you're good :P[edit source]

I'll still mass-edit an article so perfectly that not even you will be able to improve it! Boligao 02:04, July 21, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

You're on, buddy. Let the games begin :P --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 02:05, July 21, 2011 (UTC)

Amazing work[edit source]

You are simply amazing dude, I just love how you word things! You're really putting that writing degree to good use, aren't ya? :P Boligao 04:17, July 24, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

You flatter me. Every artist is overly critical of his work, though, eh? Would you be surprised to learn that I've published poems and short stories in literary magazines? :) --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 04:20, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Holy shit, now THAT is impressive :O and here I was thinking I was great for getting like B on Portuguese classes... wish I knew as much of the beauty of my own language or English like you do :\ It almost makes me feel useless since 3/4 of the stuff I write is going to be rewritten :P Boligao 04:39, July 24, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

Think of it like this: you're providing a template for the information. Honestly, the writing doesn't need to be "pretty", but it improves the quality of the article. And don't feel bad. Most native speakers of a language never master end up mastering it. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 04:33, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Well, I guess that's true... and I guess I help with all the images. That feeling of useless..ness passed :D Boligao 04:39, July 24, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

Don't ever feel useless! You help out tons and tons. For starters, its been months since I last played Chrono Trigger, so you definitely help jog my memory about the game's contents. In addition to that, you motivate me to edit. Lately, I've been lackadaisical. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 04:48, July 24, 2011 (UTC)

Great job![edit source]

You've gotten 4000+ article count already! Reminds me when I first started revamping this wikia... you should of seen it before... nothing and I mean nothing was here (background, colors, etc) with an article count of maybe 1000. Keep up the great work! I reading that we are finally moving into the new server! What are the latest? Zeypher 09:35, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

I can't believe it either. Crazy. You guys built quite the skeleton, that's for sure. Apparently the data dump will happen sometime of the course of this week. Not entirely sure about the details of it, only that it's happening. Anyway, gotta go for now. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 14:28, July 27, 2011 (UTC)

Achievements![edit source]

Wow! Those are actually great :D Both fun and motivational, great idea! Is there a list of all achievements somewhere? :O Also, I just started watching the Back to the Future trilogy, and then I'll watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so I might not be quite as active as I used to be last week. I'll still make sure to edit! Boligao 06:02, July 28, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

Stone the blasphemer! Chronopedia is your life! Don't resist the urge to edit. Lol. :P I will surely miss you if you do edit elsewhere. Don't feel bad, though. I've been editing LyricsWiki and Wikipedia a bunch as of late, so I have added obligations in addition to my admin responsibilities.

Actually, while editing LyricsWiki, I noticed that they have awards enabled, so I though it'd be fun to test it out. I know plenty of people around here absolutely despise them, but we'll be moving sometime soon anyway. Might as well have fun while we're here, non? You can view all possible awards by visiting a userpage and clicking the link at the bottom of the achievements display box. It says something like, "see all possible awards" or some other synonymous phrase.

Edit: Eventually, I'll customize the badges to include awesome chrono-ness. Give me suggestions please. I was thinking of making one of the category awards, for instance, a picture of a Time Gate, with a cute/clever phrase like, "Followed a Girl" or "Time-Traveled". --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 06:13, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

Unless the badges are being carried over I don't think it's really worth to brainstorm over all this :P Anyways, of course I won't be editing at other Wikia! You should be ashamed of doing so yourself >:( Haha, I'm just on a movie marathon :P Boligao 06:26, July 28, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

Please sign your posts, mister. :P. Anyway, good to hear. Yes, I admit it, I cheated on Chronopedia, but Ogrebattlesaga Wiki looked soooo good. Haha. I'm lame. At any rate, I had to occupy my time with SOMETHING while we waited for the database dump, after all. Just an FYI, I may be limited to my editing at night, or at least less frequently during the day. I started watching another child this week, and he's younger than the others, and thus requires more attention. But hey, I need to pay the bills. If only someone paid me to edit here, I'd eat Twizzlers all day, in my pajamas, and sit at my computer. xD! --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 06:21, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

What do you mean by "another child"? You're a professional baby sitter with a writing degree and insightful knowledge of a RPG? Nice Curriculum Vitae, I guess. :P Boligao 06:26, July 28, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

I've always been great with children. My whole life, I've cared for cousins, nieces, neighbors, etc. Part of my nature. Not to mention, I'm certified in the state of New York to "babysit". In addition to that, I took several elective courses in college on early childhood development, education, and psychology, so I'm well prepared. Plus, it's easy money. Right now, my two year old niece is learning Spanish. In your face, Dora the 'Explora!

P.S. I added categories for Male Characters, Female Characters, Reptites, etc. Please add them to pages you find yourself editing. Of course, don't go out of your way to add them; that's my job, after all, but if you see a page that fits into one of those cats, just add it really quickly. Thanks in advance. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 06:32, July 28, 2011 (UTC)

Part 2[edit source]

If you're decided to utilize the achievements for Chronopedia, I suggest to have images uploaded for them as I did with my other wikia, Big Bang Theory. It's add an extra "spice" to them in comparation to its generic defaults. Not needed, but it would look nicer. Feel free to use any of the images that we've already uploaded into this wikia. Zeypher 08:43, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

We toyed with the idea of creating custom achievements. The main problem is ideas. And secondly, we weren't sure if we should spend so much time on that project, since we plan to fork the wiki. But since the idea is stalled for the time being; maybe I can.

Some ideas: Add five categories to pages: Gate with gate image. And something catchy like: "You time-traveled" or whatever. Add 1 category could be ride the ferry, with a tugboat sprite. I suppose, we should map the badge benchmarks around Chrono Trigger, but we could use Radical Dreamers and Chrono Cross too. Although I still have to beat Cross. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 15:43, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

Those are some pretty good ideas... but remember that there's "mainly" four different kinds of achievements... Wiki Achievement (in general), Chrono Trigger achievement, Chrono Cross achievement and Radical Dreamers achievement. So keep the wiki achievement pretty generic but not as generic as what we already have. It may not be needed as of course we are indeed moving to another page, but if you're bored and/or creative... go for it! :D Zeypher 17:15, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

I probably will sometime soon. I would do it today, but I can't save images on this computer. I need my laptop. We'll see.

Edit: I've been adding loads of new categories, as I'm sure you can see. Try to add them whenever applicable when adding the Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, and Radical Dreamers categories. I've been trying to do so as well. I'm guessing the achievements for, says 5 edits of Chrono Cross pages is contingent upon that category being in the Chrono Cross category. Am I right? --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 17:21, July 29, 2011 (UTC)

Congrats on getting to 5k edits :)[edit source]

What the headline says ^_^ Boligao 18:28, July 29, 2011 (UTC)Boligao

Holy Reptites, Batman. I didn't even notice. That's awesome! I rock! P.S. I also made the Lucky 1,000th edit (since the installation of the achievements wikilab)! ^_^ --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 18:30, July 29, 2011 (UTC)


  1. SEIWA please, thanks :D --—SilverCrono[T/C] 22:45, August 5, 2011 (UTC)

Oh, no! Am I too late? --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 17:12, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah, some other two guys I know resolved what I needed. :/ --—SilverCrono[T/C] 18:41, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

Sorry about that. I haven't been checking in here as frequently, do to the move. :/ What did you need? --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 19:52, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

Facebook/YouTube[edit source]

Hey man! Just added a nice facebook and Youtube logo up in the main page linking up to our Facebook and YouTube Chronopedia channels. I felt its add a really nice touch. I would like to maybe ad in a twitter too, but I don't really use that. SonicBoom actually manages our YouTube channel while I look after the Facebook channel. I haven't updated it much, but it's there. :D What are your thoughts on twitter as well as this new page of ours! Zeypher 07:00, 7 August 2011 (CDT)

You must've been reading my mind, because I was just thinking the same thing. I'm no expert at Twitter, but I recently created an account for myself. I think it would helpful, since tons of people use it. I love the new facebook and youtube links. They look sharp on the front page. So far, we've done tons to help make this new wiki look and navigate awesomely, but we still got more work to do. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 07:04, 7 August 2011 (CDT)

Well if you're interested in starting up a twitter account for Chronopedia, just send me the link so I can added up next to the other two links for the main page. It'll give a feel that our Chrono page is not only filled with great information, but also social! Zeypher 07:15, 7 August 2011 (CDT)

Sounds like a great idea! First, though, I want to make sure we find a more permanent address for the wiki. Like Prod said, gamewiki is only a temp. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 14:45, 7 August 2011 (CDT)
Alright! We'll changed the name of FB page into Chronopedia. But its easy enough for me to change it if need be. YouTube is currently TheChronoWiki but that one can be changed as easily. And I believe SonicBoom told me that the other name was taken... if I recall correctly. Zeypher 15:36, 7 August 2011 (CDT)
Can't recall seeing a Chronopedia Youtube channel, but I could be wrong. As far as I know Sonic/Commander still moderates the Youtube page, though. I sent him an email over there, telling him about the move. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 15:51, 7 August 2011 (CDT)
Me 2! But yeah.. he's doing a great job with the YouTube channel! Zeypher 16:00, 7 August 2011 (CDT)

Gotta agree with you on that one. I hope he finishes his Mario Galaxy playthrough soon, so he can finish his Chrono Trigger playthrough. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 16:03, 7 August 2011 (CDT)

Hey I just thought I'd check on the new wiki, and I'm not sure when you became an admin (since I didnt even know the wiki moved, because I havent been on for a while), but grats!--Kjam 19:20, 12 September 2011 (CDT)

Nice to see you made it! Thanks for the congratz! It's been a tough job, but I think I've been doing alright. Lol. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 16:31, 18 September 2011 (CDT)

Co-Commentary[edit source]

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!.
As I'll reiterate from before. I'd love you to do Co-Commentary with me. It'd be a nice way for us to catch up, and promote the Wiki at the same time. Overall, I think It'd be really fun. So, all you'd need is a Skype account, and a mic of some sort. I can take care of the rest. I'll be recording episode 11 either Friday or Saturday; which ever works best for you. Let me know.
Deyvid Petteys - Magus: If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If I must vanish from existence to see this done, then I shall welcome that fate!
TALK - 16:03, 22 September 2011 (CDT)
Sorry, man, got caught up doing some stuff around here. Forgot to respond. Yeah, I'm totally into doing something like that. Problem is: I don't have a mic. Saturday would be better for me this week, but without a mic, I don't know how I'm going to do it

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. {{{time}}}
Do have an internal one? Or can you borrow one? I'm just wondering. That's really the only way possible.
Deyvid Petteys - Magus: If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If I must vanish from existence to see this done, then I shall welcome that fate!
TALK - 17:11, 22 September 2011 (CDT)
Nah, no internal one. Thing is, though, I can purchase one. I've been meaning to buy a headset with earphones and mic anyway. Just need to wait until the next pay cycle. Which is next week, unfortunately.

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. {{{time}}}
Hm. Well it might not be episode 11 to 13, but can still get you for a later episode. Would Thursday of next week (Sept. 29) be enough time for you to get paid?

You've doing an amazing job with wiki! HOLY COW! School is currently at the plate when I'm not working and doing other study work. So its great to see you've so active here. I'm still trying to catch up in my wiki, Big Bang Theory Wiki as new episodes keep popping up. Got help there though in that department and we are getting a lot of new editors there, so been over there when it comes to the wiki side of life. Also had a huge project to do a few days back that I just finished. Working on some animations, but I hope to have it in my YouTube channel soon. Other than that, what is up with you? I've read you will co-commentate a few episodes with SonicBoom.. I mean CommanderCobalt lol. That's pretty cool... I follow his stuff all the time and would love to see what you got to offer to the table... heck I may do it when time is on my side. :P I love Chrono Trigger and love doing something like LPing... don't got much time to really do it, edit, and stuff like that. Maybe one day, when CommanderCobalt will have be "guest star" in it. :) But yeah I'm rambling.. just trying to get all catch up with everything with my other admins and buddies. :P Now time to watch some wrestling and maybe play some Fallout. LATERZ for now! Zeypher 13:24, 27 September 2011 (CDT)

Hey, someone's gotta keep everything in check. Otherwise, spammers would rule the wiki. Haha, don't sweat the edits. You've got things to do, we understand that. Plus, the wiki will always be here, so we can edit at any time. Really hope to do an episode (or more) with Cobalt sometime soon. Just need the equipment. Anyway, see you around. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 22:32, 27 September 2011 (CDT)

Yeah same here! I actually may do an episode as well as I got an internal mic on my Mac. Just need to get some extra time to record and stuff... not sure how it'll work but it'll be interesting. I just hope I can be "entertaining" lol. Zeypher 14:47, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

I don't think you'll have a problem :P. Plus, you tons of stuff about the game; your insight will be valuable. I'm totally going to look into purchasing a mic headset thing. Not just for co-commentating with Cobalt. I might do an RD or CE playthrough of my own?!? Who knows? Been thinking about it lately, though. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 14:49, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. CommanderCobalt 16:14, 28 September 2011 (CDT)
Yo! I'm about to record an episode of CT in hour to 2 hours? Did you get a mic yet? and Zey if your up to co-commentate, I'd love to have you.

Not yet :/ --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 16:14, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

Bummer...Zey! I can't contact you on your own page, maybe I can contact you on this one! WANNA CO-COMMENTATE AN EPISODE WITH ME??? PLEASE????? And Rad, please get a mic soon dude! I can't wait to commentate with you! --CommanderCobalt 16:17, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

Workin' on it :) --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 16:18, 28 September 2011 (CDT)

So...I hear you need a mod for the polls?[edit source]

As I wrote, I'll do it. I'm here enough with plenty of time to spare. --CommanderCobalt 07:02, 30 September 2011 (CDT)

That would be so awesome. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure what's up with that. Zey would probably know, though. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 22:01, 1 October 2011 (CDT)

For the polls, it quite easy once a template is set up for it. Not sure how to do that though... I'll have a look and see online if someone has create one and try to emulate it... if not maybe Prod can hook us up with one. Zeypher 12:27, 3 October 2011 (CDT)

Chronopedia Wikia Page[edit source]

I've noticed there's some active users in the other Wikia page... I was wondering if they knew of the new wiki we created here or if that's something we should do. Not sure if Wikia Staff will come across that and "ban" us for this page.... I don't see how they can, it's a wiki page afterall, but you never know. Zeypher 12:29, 3 October 2011 (CDT)

No worries. I'll head over there now and see if we can recruit some new editors for this wiki. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 12:52, 3 October 2011 (CDT)

I've been inviting people, it seems like no one cares. -CommanderCobalt

Understandably, some people don't want to leave wikia, but the least we can do is try, right? --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 18:13, 5 October 2011 (CDT)

Quintet Wiki[edit source]

So basically I took over Quintet Wiki. No one's made an edit there in...a year? So I just started taking it over. I've been stumped with a lot of work recently, but anyway I was building templates; and just straight up copying the ones from Chrono Wiki and substituting a few things here and there. The link to the template page can be found here: [1] any help would be appreciated immensely. Also, I'm recording an episode of Chrono Trigger in five minutes. Got a mic yet? --CommanderCobalt 16:27, 7 October 2011 (CDT)

Thank you so much broski! Appreciate the help! Um. I'm recording a few episode of CT right now. Did you get a mic yet perchance? --CommanderCobalt 17:00, 7 October 2011 (CDT)

Not yet. My checks come directly from the government and they are slacking. Go figure. I'll let you know when I (finally) get one. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 17:04, 7 October 2011 (CDT)

Twitter[edit source]

Hey I've noticed that our Facebook page is not linked with our Twitter page. It'll make posting alot easier as all you need to comment on one page and it will automatically add that comment into the other. If you want, I can do that (its quite easy) I just need the information to log into the twitter. Zeypher 06:18, 10 October 2011 (CDT)

No problemo. I just set it up. Do you still want me to send the information for the Twitter page? I can send it here, if you want. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 09:38, 10 October 2011 (CDT)

So much spam![edit source]

I think Forum:Index needs to be locked to anons, it's attracting too much junk. Some Color Mage 23:49, 13 October 2011 (CDT)

Ah... beat me to it... Some Color Mage 23:50, 13 October 2011 (CDT)
Haha! I'm getting worried that this spam is happening too frequently. We may need to turn off anon editing, at least for a while. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 23:51, 13 October 2011 (CDT)
Indeed. Maybe this would help? Some Color Mage 23:53, 13 October 2011 (CDT)
I'll add that in, but I have no idea where to find LocalSettings.php. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 00:00, 14 October 2011 (CDT)
I think the local settings is something Prod would have to do, it requires full access to the server MediaWiki's installed on. Some Color Mage 01:02, 14 October 2011 (CDT)
Thought so. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 15:41, 14 October 2011 (CDT)

You sir, are a demigod[edit source]

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. 22:49, 20 October 2011 (CDT)
Amazing. You are just amazing. Anyways...Mic yet? I'm doing like...12 episodes of Chrono Trigger this weekend.

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. --CommanderCobalt 22:37, 21 October 2011 (CDT)
Yo, Rad; can you watch this video really fast? Its the new Chrono Trigger Tech Demo intro. I want your opinion. [2] Thanks

Deyvid Petteys - Magus: If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If I must vanish from existence to see this done, then I shall welcome that fate!
TALK - 14:11, 22 October 2011 (CDT)
Looks awesome! I love that Magus opens a Gate atop the Mountain of Woe. Totally awesome. My only quibble is the part at the end of time. It appears to be too long. Unless you plan to fill that space with dialogue, I recommend cropping some of it out. At any rate, still no mic at the moment. I'll keep you updated.

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. --CommanderCobalt 15:53, 22 October 2011 (CDT)
Yeah. The end of time was just filler space for the actual videos/ it will be the menu system for all the techs. Also...I love that song!

Deyvid Petteys - Magus: If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If I must vanish from existence to see this done, then I shall welcome that fate!
TALK - 15:57, 22 October 2011 (CDT)
Which song? One of the recently created Chrono Cross songs? I decided I would create all the music articles. Even if they're created as stubs. Remind me when you've created more tech demos. I'll embed them to their proper articles and tweet them too.

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. --CommanderCobalt 20:57, 22 October 2011 (CDT)
No...End of Time theme. So good. My new favorite is Outskirts of Time. Yeah no problem. The video was the menu system. I'm going to put the finishing touches on it on Monday.

SO MUCH SPAM![edit source]

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. 20:37, 4 November 2011 (CDT)
WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH SPAM! SERIOUSLY! Also, get a mic quick bro! I'm recording every part of the main Chrono Trigger Playthrough this weekend probably, and I really want you to come on for an episode or two. Zey came on and we had a blast! COME ON!

I think registering needs to be locked down for a while, we're starting to get overwhelmed. Some Color Mage 03:23, 15 November 2011 (CST)

EDIT: Although, on the plus side, the user creation log for the last couple of days is a very convenient list of accounts that need banning. 03:32, 15 November 2011 (CST)
And that's where I look first too. I open them all, ban them, then delete their userpages. Lol. It's a process. A very, very sad one. I'm trying to think of how we can keep them out, besides updating the blacklist every two minutes. Sorry I haven't been around to catch all these vandals, lately. I've been busy playing Skyrim :DD. Anyway, thanks for keeping up on the vandal-smiting! --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 05:58, 15 November 2011 (CST)
Not a problem! Also, BTW, a couple of anons (presumably more bots) have targeted Forum:Help desk over the last couple of days, it may need locking. Some Color Mage 19:39, 15 November 2011 (CST)
I'm one step ahead of you. Consider it locked. Now, time to delete and ban. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 20:20, 15 November 2011 (CST)

Have we not locked account creation yet? Also, I think we need to implement a feature in which creating pages is restricted to auto-confirmed users (users with a valid email and have had an account for 10+ days) and up, because this is just silly. Also, eff you, Deyvid. I want Skyrim more than the rabbit wants Trix cereal. Douche. --—SilverCrono[T/C] 14:51, 17 November 2011 (CST)

Haha! It's epic times a million. I'm in love all over again. At any rate, thanks for keeping up on the blocks/deletes of spammers. I keep forgetting to check in, although SCM and Prod have been helping too. Also, I can't change user and anon rights. I'm pretty sure only 'crats can do that. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 04:36, 18 November 2011 (CST)
Yeah skyrim is awesome! I think I saw SilverCrono mentioning on it while I was playing it.. hehe. But yeah. A must have! Zeypher 18:26, 19 November 2011 (CST)
Another person lacking Skyrim here. :(
Anyway, I think best course of action right now would be to ask Prod to disable createpage rights for non-autoconfirmed users. That'll get rid of about 99% of the spam, the only thing after that is to stop them registering. Some Color Mage 19:45, 19 November 2011 (CST)
Good idea SCM. I'll send him a message. Hopefully he'll see it next time he's on, if he hasn't already taken proper action on his own ;). At any rate, Skyrim. Epic game, there, but I really do feel it lack something Oblivion had. Maybe it's the new skills or the "refinement" of the magic system. I don't know. Something about it strikes me as Runescape+Fable+Diet and diluted Oblivion. Nonetheless, it's still an awesome game. The graphics are gorgeous, the characters are lovable (and hate-able). You can even get married for Christ's sakes. Bethesda definitely combined all the awesome aspects of modern RPGs, added in its usual charm, and created the next masterpiece. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 04:02, 20 November 2011 (CST)
Welp, spam's been mostly eliminated, should we come up with a way to stop spambots from registering, or is it fine as is? Some Color Mage 01:55, 21 November 2011 (CST)
I'm going to go ahead and ban all these spambots, because all they are doing is waiting out the autoconfirmed period until they can spam new edits. And yes, we should definitely create some way to stop them registering en masse like this... :/ --—SilverCrono[T/C] 17:30, 21 November 2011 (CST)
I wonder if we could set up some kind of key captcha for any users trying to post links in an article. Wikipedia does that and it seems to be pretty effective. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 19:19, 21 November 2011 (CST)
Captcha could work.
Also, we should probably ask Prod what the current settings for autoconfirmed are, if $wgAutoConfirmCount is any number except 0, thanks to the way these bots work, they will never edit, no running out the clock problems to be worried about. Some Color Mage 20:33, 21 November 2011 (CST)

4 days and 10 edits required to become autoconfirmed. I believe ConfirmEdit also puts up a ReCaptcha whenever anyone below autoconfirmed tries to add a link to a page. -- Prod 08:33, 22 November 2011 (CST)

Turns out ConfirmEdit wasn't properly enabled. It should be up and running properly now. Lets see if it helps. I'll look into that Tor blocker thing if this doesn't help. -- Prod 00:42, 1 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Spam[edit source]

Well, I've noticed there is an abnormal 'mount of spambots here. Read this: Combating spam from MediaWiki. I hope that that page would help you fix this. --Vzing 18:00, 29 November 2011 (CST)

Actually, maybe it will work if you just install this. I think. --Vzing 18:09, 29 November 2011 (CST)
I'll post this here so everyone can see it. That's actually a pretty good idea. I'd like some input from the other peoples here though before making the move. We'd have to have Prod set it up, though, since he's got access to that. Unless I can do it. And if I can, I don't know how. Lol. Thank you for responding though. It's nice to see some activity around here again :DD! --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 18:15, 29 November 2011 (CST) --Vzing 19:26, 29 November 2011 (CST)
LocalSettings.php can only be accessed by the one who owns the website... I guess. So the man/woman named Prod should be the only one who can fix it. Also, I advise you to make an account in SEIWA forum if you haven't already. --Vzing 16:46, 30 November 2011 (CST)
Dude, has anyone tried it? --Vzing 10:49, 8 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

My edit on your userpage[edit source]

I almost never edit someone... userpage but I'm bored.

I pressed the enter button by accident. Feels suicidal. --Vzing 18:34, 29 November 2011 (CST)

At least you did something constructive :P. If you're bored, edit something around here xD! --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 00:42, 30 November 2011 (CST)

Administration[edit source]

Firstly, I love this wiki! Just like the old days (nice wiiiide pages)! Anyway, are you, or do you know, who the administrators are on this wiki? Are any needed? I am interested, perhaps even merely a sysop (if I am lucky). Icysugarspike 18:24, 12 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks for getting back to me, and making me feel welcome! My forte is Chrono Cross, so expect stuff from me related to it. —Preceding unsigned comment added by Icysugarspike (talkcontribs)

Image Uploading Problem[edit source]

Hey, Radical D, having a problem! As long as I'm uploading a new image over an existing one, there's no problem. But, as soon as I try to upload a new image that I typed in the file path for (like on the Ayla and Dario page), it tells me I need to be an autoconfirmed user (!!!!!) Why am I being limited????? 16:07, 13 December 2011 (UTC) —Preceding unsigned comment added by Icysugarspike (talkcontribs)

According to this, I've had 110+ edits in the last 30 days (!) Frustrating. icysugarspike 04:02, 14 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Looks like we'll have to talk to Prod about it. It may have reset since, you recently started editing again. Those stats might be taking into your consideration your edits from Wikia. Keep that in mind. For now, just keep editing. At the moment, we really need to start creating Tech pages for Chrono Cross and Music pages. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 04:46, 14 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Acknowledgment[edit source]

Hi there, I am Engweimin from the Chronopedia Wikia Wiki. I have made a few edits to said wiki, adding images for certain techs, such as MaidenHand and MaidenFaith, in addition to creating some pages. Recently, I've noticed that these very images, edits and pages are showing up on this wiki, even though I have never made any edits to this wiki before. After doing a little searching, it seems as if you have been making these edits. While I don't mind you doing so as a fellow fan of Chrono Cross, I would really appreciate you giving credit to the original contributor, which, in this case, is me. Thanks in advance for your kind understanding.

Fixed up this guy's link. icysugarspike 15:46, 16 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks for the help; Couldn't figure how to do it myself. - Engweimin (Please don't ask why my username sounds this stupid. Blame it on the hospital staff who wrongly transliterated my Chinese name. Not to mention Wikia hates me.)

Eh, I'd say Wikia is more apathetic than specifically hating anything.
And, BTW, David, that "content from Wikia" template should probably link to the Creative Commons page about the license and not Wikia's licensing page, based on the example given on the Wikia page. Other than that, it's good. Some Color Mage 03:05, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Engweimin: I've decided to move to this wiki under the alias 'IresuOtoko'. I haven't been able to start any new pages though; Do I have to be granted special permissions to do so? Thanks. --IresuOtoko 04:09, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

10 edits and 4 days old to get createpage rights. We had a lot of spam problems. Some Color Mage 05:15, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thank you. I will try fixing things around the wiki as best I can. --IresuOtoko 05:31, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Good call. I'll update the template. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 21:23, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Also, Iresu, if you want to start a new page. Just let me know which ones you're interested in. I'll create them blank, and you can edit in the information. --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 21:24, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Sure thing. Thanks for creating the templates; I shall add some info to them as soon as I can. --IresuOtoko 14:24, 18 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

World Map[edit source]

That was quick. Thanks! icysugarspike 21:37, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

No problem :) --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 21:37, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Any particular images you need? (Artwork, specifically.) icysugarspike 21:38, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

It's nice to be appreciated. This wiki is already leagues above Chronopedia!!! icysugarspike 18:53, 18 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi[edit source]

I'll be honest. I have no idea how to do that. I just learned how to even us IRC two days ago xD --— Radical D (bother \ stalk) 21:51, 17 December 2011 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Happy New Year Broski![edit source]

CommanderCobalt - The True Master of The Masamune!
TALK - But your princess is in another castle... Sorry Mario!. 05:48, 1 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yo Bro! Happy New Year, hope you got a mic so we can co-commentate sometime soon!
Zeypher - None shall pass!
TALK - 22:38, 3 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
What up bro? It's been a while... Happy New Year! I've finally took my obsession with Skyrim and posted a Let's Play for it on my YouTube channel. You should check it out sometime. Episode 11 - onwards are of much "better" quality. I didn't get HD quality until 16. I hope I was able to make it up with my commentary. CommanderCobalt and Linus really got me motivated to doing those when I'm not working on School and stuff. Congrats on the Admin thing for Elder Scrolls. Here's my channel link, subscribe bro! Looking for some "fans" :P. I also got LPs on Final Fantasy X and Mimana Iyar Chronicles. Subscribe here :P

Thank You[edit source]

Hi there, thanks for awarding me the Robo medal; I will put it up on my user page shortly. I simply enjoy what I do; In fact, doing up all those tech pages has helped me to appreciate the monsters in Chrono Cross better. I am amazed at the hard work the developers have put in to ensure that a majority of their monsters have unique abilities of their own, which speaks a lot of their devotion to everything they have done for the game. --IresuOtoko 03:54, 8 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Yep, I agree that the creativity of the translators is quite amusing, so to say the least. Miss Janice is one of my personal favorite characters of the game, mainly due to the fact that she appears all cheery and whatnot, contrasting with a majority of Chrono Cross' huge cast of characters. Not to mention that she uses a Carrot as a weapon. The puns can get quite out of hand though, with the Roachester's BugKamikaze being one of them (Suicide bombers...). --IresuOtoko 04:18, 8 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Recruiting her can be quite a challenge, but this one challenge is well worth it. :) Yep, I agree that there are too many characters to get to know better; It would have been nice if the developers created less characters in order to properly develop the personalities of more individuals, or added additional storyline-wise content (I really would have liked Guile to be Magus in disguise, but that's another story for another day) on top of the fantastic one they have already created. Thanks for the link to the character userboxes; I shall get round to abusing using them to my advantage soon. --IresuOtoko 04:31, 8 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

IRC[edit source]

Zeypher - None shall pass!
TALK - 11:34, 8 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yeah it should def reflect the new Wiki and thanks for given out the awards. I was just about to do that if it wasn't already. I got an email from Cobalt and the both of them deserve it. As for the IRC, I think it should just simply be TheChronoWiki or Chrono Wiki. I dont know how to do that, so you might need to ask SC because I believe he was one who told me about this all IRC thing. By the way I also awarded IresuOtoko‎ the Magus Award.

As for my channel, thanks alot bro! I just started like three weeks ago and when from 10 subs to now over 40+ subs... it's insane! I never thought of doing LPs but it's fun especially when you got support.:)

About the Template:Infobox CC Enemy[edit source]

Hi there, I've noticed that the afore-mentioned Infobox does not appear to have a slot for "gender". I'd like to suggest incorporating a "gender" slot into said Infobox, because CC enemies do, indeed, have specific genders. (For instance, Chamellions are always female, for some reason). I've tried editing the Infobox, but realized I couldn't do it as the coding was rather complicated (to someone like me, at least). Thanks in advance. :) --IresuOtoko 03:25, 15 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Thanks![edit source]

Thank you for the quick response. I will incorporate those into the appropriate pages as soon as I can. --IresuOtoko 04:21, 18 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Good idea; I'll incorporate the appropriate pages into the new category. :) --IresuOtoko 00:22, 19 January 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Through the air and across the sea[edit source]

Coming to my mailbox soon: Chrono Trigger goodness in the form of The Perfect and the original V-Jump guide. Will of course share scans when they come! :) icysugarspike 16:11, 10 February 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

A bit disappointed (burned yet again) in the fact that the artwork images are so small. Oh well, I'll try to share some stuff that looks decent. :( icysugarspike 16:02, 28 February 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Whoa, you have the V guide?! Holy snap, bro, that's just amazing. I can't wait until you get everything in :) --—SilverCrono[T/C] 21:58, 28 February 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I already uploaded the Crono poster art. But, I had been psyched to be able to upload weapons and armor images, really. Unfortunately, no matter how hi-res I scan them, they won't look much better than anything already on here... A nice plus, however, is having the six-page manga!!! icysugarspike 14:36, 2 March 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Took me a looooooong time, I realize, but (with a new scanner, etc.) I've uploaded some stuff. Eek, don't even know if anyone's even still alive here... - icysugarspike (talk) 21:19, 29 September 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

leave my talk page alone![edit source]

god darn...I don't like that jerk. he wants me to post my SFX on youtube and the answer is NO!, so leave my page alone.. -_- if you do it again I'll delete the whole comments off my page. and no its not breaking the rules. stop makeing your own rules on his wiki!. damn... Kazurhia out! --Eliskuya2 23:28, 11 March 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

You will never believe who messaged me today[edit source]

You will never believe this. Eliskuya messaged me, after 2 months...clearly he's a tad slow. Anyway Quote: "you an't geting my SFX of chrono trigger. keep trying. and I'll not come back on chrono wiki. you stupid thief" end quote. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? HE ACTS LIKE I ASKED HIM TO COME BACK. I sent him a sarcastic message back, hopefully that will be the end of this. --CommanderCobalt 23:06, 19 April 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]


I sent you a message on youtube after I saw the comment on my update vid. I'm about to finish recording Chrono Trigger, like finale and all that jazz in a few hours. You up to co-commentate Lucca and Robo's sidequests? --CommanderCobalt (talk) 22:37, 28 May 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]