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Deyvid Petteys
Home Time 2024 A.D.
Home Area New York
Age 21
Weapon Type Sigmund
Magic Element Fire
Gender Male
Friends / Colleagues Frog
  • Current Status: Been so long since I edited here, I almost forgot how :O!
  • Mood: Ready to wiki.

Deyvid Petteys is an administrator at Chrono Wiki. Previously, I contributed at several Wikis on Wikia, but no longer choose to do so because of the policies Wikia forced on its users. I still continue to edit Wikipedia occasionally.

He started editing on May 26th 2011. He first edited the Magus page, when he noticed the word "then" was misspelled. Since, he became horribly addicted to editing. Now, he focuses on the Tech articles for Chrono Cross and creating anything and everything for Radical Dreamers.

Deyvid, known informally as Radical D or Rad for short, played Chrono Trigger for the first time in 2000. Unbeknowst of the deep love and obsession that would unfold, his friend lent him an SNES cartridge and strategy guide, the latter of which he still owns today. Falling into the addiction with him were his two brothers, who would crowd around the television in the wee hours of the night, collecting weapons and allies for the fight against the parasitic alien, Lavos. After roughly four years of refusing to give up borrowing the game, he finally returned it to his friend and claimed to have "lost" the strategy guide. Lucky for him, the guide became extremely useful when he accidentally found Chrono Wiki while Googling to see what happened to Schala after the Ocean Palace Incident.

During his absence from the Chrono universe, Deyvid satisfied his withdrawal symptoms with Diablo II, Ogre Battle: Person of a Lordly Calibur, and various Pokemon games. Much later, he discovered the joys of the Elder Scrolls Series as well as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (I and II), which continue, alongside Chrono Trigger to be some of his favorite games to this date.

Above all other characters in the Chrono realm, he appreciates Lucca the most. Her genius and flippancy charmed him from the start, although he thinks she might be a lesbian too frigid for her own good. He also deeply sympathizes with Schala, whose fate is completely undeserved and whose actions abandoned her dear brother Magus, who needs to stop crying like an emo kid searching and accept her fate. The liege-knight relationship between Frog and Queen Leene greatly resembles Deyvid's attitude toward his own sister, so he admires the amphibian greatly for this. Plus, he, by a hookshoot, has the best theme song in Chrono Trigger.

Sadly, Deyvid did not play Chrono Cross until June 2011, where he fell in love, yet again, though less so. He always knew Chrono Cross was out there. In fact, his older brother, also a Chrono fanatic, recommended it to him. Eventually, He purchased the original game from the PlayStation console, but never received the chance to play it, as a bad relationship left him with the game disc and the other with the console itself. He still owns the game disc to this day, unopened.

Of the Cross characters, Deyvid most highly admires Korcha, for his courage and his dealings with the Termina Mermaid. Additionally, he loves to laugh at Pierre, who reminds him of a flamboyant Tata. Riddel reminds Deyvid of his sister, which leads to a weird protectorate kind of admiration. The pseudo-Australian/Pirate accent of Kid seriously annoys Deyvid, although she is a pretty awesome character. Guile reminds him of Magus too much, so he refuses to play as him.

Shortly after discovering Chrono Wiki, Deyvid played Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki, which he greatly enjoyed, despite its apparent unpopularity. In 2009, he graduated with a degree in Literature and Creative Writing, which led to a deep appreciation for books and stories. Radical Dreamers gave him the fix he had always wanted between video games and novels. Abandoning receiving a better degree due to financial complications, he started working for an internet service provider known as Clearwire. There, he learned he was quite adept with computers and learned much valuable information that assists him with this wiki. From there, he became a full-time childcare provider for several family members, friends, and others in his local area. While editing, he sipped bottomless cups of coffee while youngsters scurried around him. But don't worry, he took frequent breaks to read stories, kiss boo-boos, prepare meals, and teach them Spanish.

At present, Deyvid works as a manager in a call center, covering many clients. On his current client, he works for the government of Minnesota as a supervisor of health-care consultants, aiding in the enrollment of medical assistance and other private healthcare plans. In 2013, Deyvid purchased a Canadian copy of Chrono Trigger for the DS. Since, he has also played Chrono Cross to completion and experienced many of the bonus endings, watching the remaining plot choices and alternate endings through Let's Plays on YouTube. Sadly, however, Deyvid's dedication to his full-time job, other video game obsessions, and his boyfriend Matthew, have stolen so much of this time that he is unable to wiki as much as before. He will continue to serve this community and update its articles as much as possible!

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Deyvid Petteys - Magus: If history is to change, let it change! If the world is to be destroyed, so be it! If I must vanish from existence to see this done, then I shall welcome that fate!
TALK - End of Time
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