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I joined this wiki because when I got Chrono Trigger DS a couple years ago it was my favorite game ever. I like everything about the game - the storyline, the music, the videos, the graphics, and the characters. I like some more of Akira Toriyama's game characters and manga. These are DragonBall Z and the DragonQuest series. I'm a fan of Turn Based RPG's. I used to like Pokemon (When I was younger) and Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals. I have all 13 endings in Chrono Trigger and have completed 99% of my bestiary. I also have got 100% of the techs. I haven't played Chrono Cross but I plan on trying it when I get the time.

Here is My Sandbox

To Do List[edit]

  • Make pages For Chrono Trigger equipment
  • Add Template For CT Equipment
  • Make Pages for techs
  • De-stub stub pages
  • Play Chrono Cross

My Infoboxes[edit]

CTDS This user has completed Chrono Trigger DS.
Magus.gif This user is a fan of Magus.

500+ This user has over 500 edits.
Spekkio (final form).gif This user is a fan of Spekkio.

Userb title.jpg This user is a Mod for the Chrono Wiki.
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My top 5 favorite Chrono Trigger Characters[edit]

  1. Magus
  2. Cyrus
  3. Crono
  4. Robo
  5. Dream Devourer

My Award[edit]

RoboVictory2.gif This user has been awarded the Robo Award for being a valuable contributor to the Chrono Wiki after a short join date. Good job!

My Sigs[edit]

Kjam (talk)


Here is my word bubble

Kjam - Lavos, feel my wrath
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