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Uhh, you probably know me from here or here, but if you don't then that's cool, too. My brother finally convinced me to play Trigger, so I did and now I'm here! I haven't gotten too far, though. I am a huge fan of Chrono Cross, though, so the majority of my edits'll be there. So, yeah, I'll probably just lurk here for now. I am currently making enemy pages for Chrono Cross enemies, because that part of the wiki really needs help.

List of junk to do for me![edit]

Mostly here so that I remember the things that need to eventually be done. I'll add to this list as I find/think of things to do.

I also found a Radical Dreamers ROM, which I'll eventually get to playing. I'll do my best to improve that section eventually. If anybody else wants it, let me know, I'll give you links.

I just reread this section and saw that I used the word "eventually" a lot. I guess I'm gonna be here for a while.



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