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Fan fiction has always been out there and could be based of anything. So why not have it here for the Chrono Universe? This is where you can add onto the Chronoverse about what you think happens to Crono after he defeat Lavos, or maybe a what if he didn't delete Lavos? Let your creativity explore!

Zeypher - None shall pass!
TALK - 16:49, August 18, 2010 (UTC)
Finally the fanfiction is open for business! I originally wanted to make this a project page, but it prove harder than I thought. I might try and redo it again in the future. Just too lazy busy right now... Now before you start your creative juices you must read the boring but important rules and policy:
  1. Keep it at least PG-13. Limited cussing, limited references to nudity, sex, drugs, etc.
  2. Since violence is present in the game, at least limited to where "death" is not mention. Only implied for example: Crono was critical hurt... "Is he moving?" "I don't know". Crono barely flexed a muscle. (Or something to that extend)
  3. Make it worth reading.. I don't want to see one paragraph fanficiton until there's a {{Under Construction}} template somewhere in the page.
  4. If you're planning to includes chapters and sections, add in the ==Chapter 1== or ===Section 1=== divided. Keep it organized, so if someone read Chapter 1 they can instantly jump to Chapter 2 without scrolling down and trying to find it
  5. Finally have fun with it!

If for SOME REASON it must be rated R or more, add this template above your fan fiction: {{Rated R Fanfiction}} or {{Rated NC-17 Fanfiction}}.

If there's any confusion or help, feel free to message me. I'm still I can help. o_O

Here are rating template you must include with your fanfiction:

Rated G
{{Rated G Fanfiction}}
  1. All ages admitted
  2. No Violence
  3. No Cussing, reference to sex, drugs, and nudity
Rated PG
{{Rated PG Fanfiction}}
  1. Some material may not be suitable for children
  2. Limited Violence
  3. No cussing, reference to sex, drugs, and nudity
Rated PG-13
{{Rated PG-13 Fanfiction}}
  1. Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13
  2. Limited violence
  3. Limited cussing and references to sex, drugs, and nudity
Rated R
{{Rated R Fanfiction}}
  1. Under 17 requires accompanying by a parent or adult guardian
  2. Violence
  3. Cussing, and references to sex, drugs, and nudity
{{Rated NC-17 Fanfiction}}
  1. No One 17 and Under allowed
  2. Strong Violence
  3. Strong and multiple cussing and references to sex, drugs and nudity

(Now I know no matter what you rate, if someone wants to read it, they will... but this will be used simply for legal and rating issues)

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