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Welcome to Chronopolis News. Here we will present news pertaining to the Wiki, the Chrono series or anything relating to Square Enix that grab our attention. Anyone can start a news report, but be sure to leave the date, location, source (if these two are possible) and sign your report with these ~~~~~ before sending in to the printing press.

News reports should be structured in a chronological manner, with recent issues posted at the top. To post a reaction or write a comment, follow the links provided according to the respective news link. Remember, only news related to the Wiki,the Chrono series and Sqaure Enix are allowed. Let's work together as a community to maintain the newsletter! If you find that our reports are either incorrect or incomplete, feel free to edit them as you feel fit. Just be sure to include a note that you've edited it with (Edited by) along with those same ~~~~~ below the original reporter's name.

After reporting news, please place a mention of it along with a direct link to that section on this page: Chrono Wiki:Chronopolis News/News Box, so that it will appear on the Main Page. To save space, please limit news entries on the News Box to only five.

Old news are in the Archives:

December 2011[edit source]

CT on iOS[edit source]

December 9th by SilverCrono

Quickly following its PSN debut, Chrono Trigger is now available on the App Store for iOS devices! This version is a touch-screen outing of the DS port, and is available for $9.99.

Source: G4TV

October 2011[edit source]

CT on PSN[edit source]

October 4th by SilverCrono

After a few months, Chrono Trigger has finally been available on Playstation Network! The game, in the Final Fantasy Anthologies version, is available as a "PSOne Classic" for $9.99.

Source: Playstation Blog

September 2011[edit source]

Site Change Name[edit source]

September 1st by Zeypher

After the votes from the fellow admin, the site name has returned back to Chrono Wiki. Any references to Chronopedia you see around the page, please inform an admin to change or feel free to edit it yourself, as we can't catch everything. Thank you for your cooperation!

Source: Forum:Moving_Bumps#.5BFIXED.5D_New_name

August 2011[edit source]

SEIWA[edit source]

August 12th by SilverCrono

As of today, Chrono Wiki is officially a part of SEIWA! The organization is a group of independent wikis that focus on Square-Enix games and media, and many users help and support each other throughout the various wikis. Besides Chrono Wiki, other SEIWA wikis include the Kingdom Hearts wiki and the Dragon Quest wiki.

Source: Main Page

Chrono Wiki's on Twitter now![edit source]

August 8th by Zeypher

Chrono Wiki is now accessible through twitter! Stay in touch with Chrono Wiki news and updates! If you haven't already, like Chrono Wiki on Facebook, and subscribe to us on YouTube. Links provided below:

Like us on Facebook! - Follow us on Twitter! - Subscribe to our channel on YouTube!


Independent Site[edit source]

August 6th by SilverCrono

As of today, Chrono Wiki has left Wikia and has become an independent site! Many thanks to the helpful community and third parties that aided in this shift in name. We're still the same old site, though, so don't be afraid to continue contributing!

July 2011[edit source]

Happy Belated Birthday Chrono Wiki![edit source]

July 29th by Zeypher

Three years ago, this wikia was created by Richard1990 and has grown through many changes throughout the years. The admin rights to myself, SilverCrono, and ultimately with the addition of Radical D. Content continues to grow and will only get better! Let's have another great year!

Source: Chrono Wiki

May 2011[edit source]

Chrono Trigger coming to PSN[edit source]

May 12th by SilverCrono

Nintendo isn't getting all the fun! Very soon, you can time travel on your PS3 and PSP, as Chrono Trigger is being ported to the Playstation Network. It is unknown yet if the port will be from the SNES or Playstation 1 version; there is still much to be seen.

Source: Gametrailers

April 2011[edit source]

Chrono Trigger coming to the Japanese and European Virtual Console[edit source]

April 15th by MATEOELBACAN

Finally Chrono Trigger is getting it's port to the Wii Virtual Console after years of this service being released; it will be the first time that European players will be able to play the original SNES version Chrono Trigger, as the original SNES game was never released before in Europe. It will be released in Japan on April 2011 and in Europe on the second quarter of the year 2011.

Source: Siliconera

Chrono Trigger to be released for Mobile Phones in Japan[edit source]

April 15th by MATEOELBACAN

Chrono Trigger has been confirmed to be released for I-mode enabled mobile phones devices in Japan; it's possible that the game will have the extra dungeon and ending from the Nintendo DS version.

The game is going to be released on April 25th in Japan.

Source: Siliconera