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Trap Element

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The Shaker Brothers demonstrate Trap-use on Mount Pyre.

Trap Elements are consumable Elements that are used to capture Elements from enemies. Trap Elements are indicated by a downward arrow (↓) adjacent to the name of the Element which they trap.

To Trap an Element, the Trap must be placed prior to the foe casting it. When the foe casts the Element in question, it will be captured by the party for use in future battles. Should the foe be defeated before casting the desired Element, the Trap is lost. Any Element which is casted that subsequently gets captured will have its effects completely nullified, making Trap Elements not just useful for acquiring new Elements; but also for strategic use in battle as a way to protect the party from a foe's powerful elemental attacks. The Shaker Brothers provide a demonstration of Traps when encountered in Mount Pyre.

Traps also differ from most "normal" Elements in that they can only be set to the level of the Element grid of the element that they capture (for example, ↓Inferno can only be set to the 5th level of the Elemental Grid, unlike the 5th level element Inferno that it captures, which can be placed anywhere on the Element Grid from Level-2 to Level-8).

Note also that when using a Trap element, it will add that Element color to the Element field in the upper left corner, just like all other elements.

Where to Obtain Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

All traps can be bought in Marbule (Both Worlds), though both world's shops aren't available when first visiting them. It is also possible to find some traps as enemy drops/steals and in treasure chests.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Marbule (Another World) Shop[edit | edit source]

The shop in Another World appears after finishing the initial events in the S.S. Invincible.

Marbule (Home World) Shop[edit | edit source]

The shop in Home World only appears after finishing the optional Save Marbule sidequest.

List of Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

The following list are elements which have Trap forms, divided by Element.

Red Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

Blue Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

Yellow Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

Green Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

Black Trap Elements[edit | edit source]

White Trap Elements[edit | edit source]