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Pip performing CanonCannon in battle.
Type Physical
Color Varies
Allocation Level 7±7
Target Single Enemy
User Pip
Description Find a nice, holy hole to snuggle up in...

CanonCannon (ツマル砲 , Tsumaru hō, lit. Pip Cannon?) is Pip's Level 7 Holy Beast tech in Chrono Cross. Upon learning this tech, Pip gains the ability to load himself up into a cannon and blast himself at a selected target, dealing heavy damage in the process. The innate color of this tech varies, and may be one of the many colors available in the game. Pip will only transform into his Holy Beast form if opposing color elements are used against or by him in his Angel and Devil forms. For instance, if Pip is in his Devil form, in order for him to evolve into a Holy Beast, only blue, green and white elements may be used.

Description[edit | edit source]

The tech will start off with Pip struggling to fly into a 'hole' he has spotted from a distance. Upon reaching this 'hole', Pip will jump into it feet-first and blink his eyes once. The 'hole' will then move forward slightly, followed by the camera widening its focus to reveal that the 'hole' is, in fact, the barrel of a cannon. Pip will then look up in a panic, whereupon the camera will shift its focus to the bottom of the cannon, where a spark is observed to fizzle out. Pip will then be blasted out of the cannon in a flash of purple-colored light. As Pip comes falling from the sky, it is observed that his mouth is pulled back to reveal his teeth, due to the strong opposing wind currents. As he crashes into the selected target, a 'mushroom-cloud' explosion will occur, and Pip will be bounced back to his starting position.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

This tech is a play on the joke which the developers cracked in a certain Ultimania interview, whereby they said Pip was named "packed" in Japanese as a pun on how much content and characters they were trying to cram into Chrono Cross. In this case, Pip is literally 'packed' into a cannon as a special attack of sorts.

Youtube Demonstration[edit | edit source]