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Red Plate (Chrono Trigger)

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This article is about the armor from Chrono Trigger. You may be looking for the Red Plate (Chrono Cross) armor from Chrono Cross.
Red Plate
Red Mail.png
Japanese Name レッドプレート
SNES/PSX Name Red Mail
Equipment Type Armor
Description Magical armor anointed by fire
Defense 70
Effect Absorbs fire.
Sell 4100 G
Charmable Fiends Rust Tyrano (Giant's Claw, Middle Ages)
Treasure Chests Sealed Chest in Guardia Castle (Present, post-upgrade)

Red Plate (also known as Red Mail in the SNES/PS version) is armor that appears in Chrono Trigger.

Absorbing all Fire Element damage and converting it into Hit Points, anyone in the party can wear it. It has a base defense of 70 and can be sold for 4100 G. To obtain, use Ayla's charm tech on the Rust Tyranno in the Giant's Claw or open the Sealed Chest in Guardia Castle, once the Pendant is charged by the Mammon Machine.