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Prismatic Dress

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Prismatic Dress
Japanese Name プリズムドレス
Equipment Type Armor
Description A dress that glitters in myriad colors.
Defense 99
Effect Cuts all elemental damage by 1/3
Price Made from Rainbow Shell by Melchior
Sell 4400g
Charmable Fiends Queen Zeal (Boss)
R. Hand

Prismatic Dress (also known as Prism Dress in the SNES/PS version) is an armor in Chrono Trigger. Upon completion of the The Rainbow Shell sidequest, the Rainbow Shell can be forged by Melchior into either three Prism Helm or one Prism Dress. If you have the Sun Stone, then he'll make some PrismSpecs (an accessory that greatly boosts damage).

Prism Dress can also be charmed by Ayla from the right hand of Queen Zeal. Additionally, Prism Dress can only be worn by Ayla, Lucca, and Marle.