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Ruby Armor

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Ruby Armor
Ruby Armor (Chrono Trigger).png
Japanese Name ルビーアーマー
Equipment Type Armor
Description A suit of brilliant crimson armor.
Defense 78
Effect Reduces Fire damage by 80%.
Sell 7000 G
Vendor Locations Ioka Village Hut
Charmable Fiends Aecytosaur
Giant's Claw (Middle Ages)

Ruby Armor is an armor in Chrono Trigger. It is usable by all characters, and in addition to increasing defense by 78 points, reduces Fire damage by 80%. It can be acquired at the Ioka Village Hut in exchange for trading in 10 Feathers, 10 Fangs, 10 Horns and 10 Petals at any time after players have arrived in The New King chapter late in the game.

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