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Elemental Aegis

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Elemental Aegis
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Japanese Name エレメントガード
Equipment Type Armor
Description Armor steeped in elemental energies.
Defense 92
Effect Elemental immunity

Elemental Aegis (エレメントガード eremento gādo?, Element Guard) is an armor exclusive to Chrono Trigger (DS). It can only be equipped by Lucca. When equipped, it increases Lucca's defense by 92 points and makes her immune to all elemental damage. It is found in the Reptite Village in the Lost Sanctum as a reward for giving the Lumicite Shard to the shopkeeper (the Lumicite Shard is dropped from the Wonder Rock enemy found in Millenia Wood (Lost Sanctum) and the Dimensional Vortex in Antiquity). It cannot be bought or sold.