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Gloom Cape

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Gloom Cape
Gloom Cape (Chrono Trigger).png
Japanese Name ぜつぼうのマント
SNES/PSX Name Gloom Cape
Equipment Type Armor
Description A cape that evokes feelings of despair.
Defense 84
Sell 8200 gold
Treasure Chests Ozzie's Fort

The Gloom Cape (ぜつぼうのマント zetsubō no manto?, "Mantle of Despair) is a late-game armor in Chrono Trigger. It increases defense by 84 poins and can be found in a chest in Ozzie's Fort. It can only be equipped by Magus. It offers the largest amount of defense of any armor in the original SNES and PS versions of the game, barring the Moonbeam Armor (which male characters - including Magus - can equip) and the Prismatic Dress (only equippable by female characters).

It can be sold for 8200 gold.