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Ozzie Pants

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This article is about the accessory from Chrono Trigger. You may be looking for Ozzie Pants (Chrono Cross) from Chrono Cross.
Ozzie Pants
Artwork from Chrono Trigger
Japanese Name ビネガーパンツ
Equipment Type Headgear
Description Disgusting pants that reek of Ozzie. (CTDS)
Defense 45
Effect Auto-Confuse, Auto-Sap
Charmable Fiends Ozzie the Great in Ozzie's Fort

Ozzie Pants (ビネガーパンツ , Vinegar Underpants?) is headgear available in Chrono Trigger. Although the name states this item is pants, it is equipped as a headgear. This can be equipped to any character.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Chrono Trigger[edit | edit source]

Increasing defense by 45, this helmet casts Auto-Confuse on the wearer and simultaneously drains HP overtime much like Sap. To obtain, use Ayla to Charm Ozzie the Great in Ozzie's Fort (can be obtained twice; in both the first battle and final battle).

Name Origin[edit | edit source]

  • They're Ozzie's, so they have his name. Vinegar is Ozzie's name in the Japanese version of the game. Yes, "Pantsu" sounds like pants, but it nearly always refers to underwear. No wonder the side effects are so bad!

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