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Queen Zeal (Boss)

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Queen Zeal
Japanese Name Zeal (ジール Jīru?)
This article is about the boss. You may be looking for the character.

Queen Zeal is a boss in Chrono Trigger that appears in the Black Omen.

Battle and Strategy[edit | edit source]

First Battle[edit | edit source]

Battling Queen Zeal for the first time can be incredibly easy. Make sure to bring Marle, Crono, and Ayla for this battle. Unleash the party's most furious Double Techs and Triple Techs upon her. Since she has no immunities or weaknesses, it is advisable to use Ice Sword with Marle and Crono, keeping Ayla free for physical attacks. Looting Zeal can be helpful, since she keeps Megalixirs on her person, useful for the second battle against her, as well as later, in the battle with Lavos. Any time Zeal attacks the party, use Marle's Cure II or Ayla's Kiss to heal all party members. Zeal cannot knock-out a party member in this battle, but when the battle ends, the party has not chance to heal up or restore Magic Points before battling her for the second time. Once the battle ends, the party is forced to battle the Mammon Machine, then her second form. Again, no breaks or intermissions are present for these three battles.

Second Battle[edit | edit source]

Transported to the exterior of the Black Omen, the party faces Queen Zeal. This time, she splits into three parts - a head and two hands. Never, at any time, attack the hands. When attacked, they provoke a lethal counter that reduces the party's Hit Points or Magic Points to one. Having Marle and Ayla along for this battle is ideal, because they can use Twin Charm to loot the valuable Prism Dresses and Prism Helms from her hands. The head holds Megalixirs, which are useful, but not crucial. Even charming the hands, however, provokes the deadly counter tech. After this happens, have Crono use Megalixirs on Ayla (and Marle, if the party decides to use Twin Charm instead of the regular Charm). Equip Ayla with the Alluring Top before beginning the battle with Zeal's first form to increase the odds of receiving these valuable steals from her. Once all desired Items are looted, focus on her head. Attacking the head does not provoke counter attacks. Once the Hit Points of the head are reduced to zero, the battle automatically ends.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

If Magus is present for the second battle against Queen Zeal, his theme song, "Magus Confronted", plays instead of the "Boss Battle 2" track standard for this battle.