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Goblin (Radical Dreamers)

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Goblin (Radical Dreamers)
Career Guard
Age N/A
Gender Male
Origin Viper Manor
Height Short
Weight Very Heavy
Build Bulky
Weapon Mace
Morning Star

Goblins are enemies in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Serving as guards to Viper Manor, they protect the Treasure Room and ensure the natural inhabitants of the Manor are unharmed. Esmeld, the cultured and intelligent Goblin, is their Commander. The Magical Gobbler Team is an elite cadre of these beasts.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Goblins are green-skinned, bulky, and rude. They have an utter lack of care for dental hygiene. Each is fitted with a morning star, mace, breastplate, and helmet.

Combat[edit | edit source]

In combat, Serge is presented with the options of parrying their attacks, dodging, or slashing. It is advisable to dodge first, then choose the "slash quickly at its hand" option when it appears. Attempting to distract the Goblin and grab its mace usually succeeds, but not always. Two physical attacks generally defeat these creatures.

Kid is seen stampeding them and stabbing them in their eyes, a guerrilla tactic. Gil blasts them with dark lighting magic.

Treasure Room[edit | edit source]

When Gil removes the Frozen Flame from its pedestal an alarm sounds. Serge hides in an empty treasure chest, Gil disappears in the shadows, and Kid buries herself in a pile of gold coins. Six Goblins pour into the room, finding it empty, but knowing better than to dismiss the event so easily. Jokingly, they mention that the Kitchenette was infested with rats and one of these rats must have tripped the alarm. Ever on her toes, Kid starts squeaking, hoping they will buy it and leave. The Goblins then change their story to include a cat infestation, to which Kid meows like a cat. Still playing along, the Goblins change their story to include Heckran infestations. Kid, not knowing how to respond, pauses. She decides to invent what she believes is a sound made by Heckran and the Goblins pull her out of the gold pile and threaten her. Serge has the option to spring into action and save her. Otherwise, Gil jumps in. After they are defeated, Kid ridicules Serge for interfering, saying she can handle herself.

This is the first time Goblins are encountered in the game, and hereafter, they can be randomly encountered in the many halls of Viper Manor. Occasionally, defeating a Goblin will result in Serge finding a Potion to restore his Hit Points.