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Torture Room

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Torture Room
Torture Room
Adjoining Rooms Treasure Room
Items Found Here Dragoon Ring
Characters N/A
Enemies N/A
Directions Down the right hallway from the Terrace, past the Treasure Room, and up the stairs.

Torture Room is a room in Viper Manor in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Found up the stairs to the right of the Treasure Room, this room is usually dark, is round, and is lined with stone. A brick on the left wall has a note written in blood. The contents of the memo are Acacia Dragoons. The ceiling in this room falls when a certain stone is stepped on. The circular ceiling, laced with sharp spikes, falls on the inhabitants of the room.

Story[edit | edit source]

Serge, Kid, and Gil accidentally trigger the trap ceiling in this room, desperately searching for an exit, they try to the door that leads back into the hall. Locked, Gil busts it down and the three find safety as the spikes dig into the floor. The room cannot be accessed until Radius in the Catacombs is spoken to.

Upon speaking to Radius and learning that his mind is locked tight due to a traumatic experience, Kid suggests finding an object that would rekindle his memory or enforce the sincerity of the questioners in the old man's eyes. Venturing through the halls beneath the Manor, the party comes across Riddel's Room. Riddel is now present here, informs the party of the old man's identity, and claims that his ring was left in the Torture Room. Clueless on how to retrieve the ring without being squashed, Riddel suggests that finding the Einlanzer could destroy the ceiling.

Finding the sword in the Gear Room, Serge hauls it to the Torture Room, where the ceiling falls again. This time, he thrusts the sword into the grooves between the stone floor and a aureole of white light bursts from the blade and halts the ceiling. Inspecting the message written in blood once more, the party discovers the brick is removable. Behind the brick is the Dragoon's Ring.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In Chrono Cross, Orcha performs a Tech called DinnerGuest, which summons a circular spiked trap identical to the one encountered in this room. Additionally, the Viper Manor in this PlayStation Chrono Game has a room outfitted very similarly to the Torture Room, spiked-ceiling included.