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Skeleton (Radical Dreamers)

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This article is about the Radical Dreamers enemy. You may be looking for the Chrono Trigger enemy..
Skeleton (Radical Dreamers)
Career Marauding Fiend
Age Un-Deceased
Gender N/A
Origin The Grave
Height Tall
Weight Light
Build Skeletal
Weapon Rusted Sword

Skeleton are randomly encountered fiends in Radical Dreamers: Nusumenai Hōseki. Lurking in the darkest halls and dungeons of Viper Manor, these fiends attack the party on sight. When one is nearby, Kid halts in her tracks and asks the party to listen, whereupon the sound of thudding footsteps is heard. Typically, they do not travel in hoards.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Since Skeletons are reanimated remains of soldiers, they are completely constructed of bone, wear indigo breastplates, pauldrons, and the occasional pair of greaves. Their eyes glow red and worn bandages trail around their skeletal feet.

In Combat[edit | edit source]

Defeating Skeletons is simple. Upon encountering one, Serge has the option of charging, fleeing, or examining it. Charging the Skeleton almost always results in instant success. The creature does not expect the impact, topples over, and its skull crushes. That said, crushing the skull is the wisest tactic when fighting Skeletons, since doing so causes the entire body to crumble.

Inspecting the Skeleton before attacking causes Serge to be enraptured by its corruption, resulting in the Skeleton attacking him. From this point, should he choose to dodge a second attack, the head is knocked loose and rips into Serge's shoulder. Gil responds by blasting the skull with a dark lighting bolt, ending the battle instantly.

Should Serge choose an alternate method, Gil becomes enraptured by the Skeleton and is exempted from actions the entire battle. Even in emergency situations, he will not respond to save either Kid or Serge. Procrastinating the battle through excessive dodges allows the Skeleton's hold on Gil or Serge to manifest more deeply, causing them to attack the other party members. Also, getting close to the Skeleton leaves characters open to deeply swings from its rusted sword.

After defeating Skeletons, Serge has the opportunity to find a Potion which nulls any injury acquired thus far.

Enrapture[edit | edit source]

The character most easily enraptured by the Skeleton is Gil, probably due to the lust of the dark magic keeping it animate. Serge, relatively weak-willed, is also easily succumbed, but since the player controls him, he can easily break loose of the spell. Kid is never entranced by the creature; this is probably due to her iron-clad will. Later in the game, an Old Dragoon is encountered. This man protects his mind through the use of illusions. It is strongly hinted at that Kid engages in similar behavior because of Lucca's death and this may allude to why this creature cannot paralyze her with its gaze.